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Country: Fiji - Subject: Economic and social policy

  1. Fiji - Economic and social policy - Law, Act

    COVID-19 Response (Home Loan Assistance) Act 2020 (Act No. 43 of 2020). - Legislation on-line

    Adoption: 2020-12-11 | FJI-2020-L-111087

    Provides for home loan assistance for the payment of mortgages for those affected by COVID-19 containment measures.

  2. Fiji - Economic and social policy - Law, Act

    Foreign Investment (Amendment) Act 2004 (No. 8 of 2004).

    Adoption: 2004-05-18 | FJI-2004-L-67778

    Amends Foreign Investment Act 1999. Amendments concern sections 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 11, 13, 14, 15, 16 and 17 of the Act. Inter alia makes provision for definition of "national enterprise", and granting of certificate to foreign investors.

  3. Fiji - Economic and social policy - Law, Act

    Foreign Investment Act (No. 1 of 1999).

    Adoption: 1999-03-19 | FJI-1999-L-52932

    Requires foreign investors to obtain a Foreign Investment Certificate.

  4. Fiji - Economic and social policy - Law, Act

    Commerce Act 1998 (No. 50 of 1998).

    Adoption: 1998-11-09 | FJI-1998-L-51201

    Establishes a Commerce Commission which shall promote competition and a balance between efficiency and social and environmental interests, and which shall ensure non-discriminatory access to monopoly and near monopoly infrastructure or services. Also provides for access agreements, arbitration of access agreements, and control of prices.

  5. Fiji - Economic and social policy - Regulation, Decree, Ordinance

    Fair Trading Decree 1992 (No. 49 of 1998).

    Adoption: 1998-11-09 | FJI-1998-R-51205

    Amends provisions of the Fair Trading Decree 1992 regarding retail price fixing and contracts, agreements or understandings which restrict competition. Inserts a new section prohibiting pyramid schemes, unlawful actions at auctions, adulteration of products, hoarding, and black market activities. Also provides for powers of the Commerce Commission to grant authorization for certain trade practices.

  6. Fiji - Economic and social policy - Regulation, Decree, Ordinance

    Capital Markets Development Authority (Securities Exchanges and Licensing) Regulations, 1997 (L.N. No. 52 of 1997).

    Adoption: 1997-05-21 | FJI-1997-R-46819

    Regulations governing securities exchanges, licensing of brokers and dealers, and code of conduct for investment advisors.

  7. Fiji - Economic and social policy - Law, Act

    Public Enterprise Act 1996 (No. 35 of 1996).

    Adoption: 1996-12-23 | FJI-1996-L-45651

    Provides for the re-organization and corporatization of certain government commercial enterprises. Part V, Division 5 requires a government commercial company to draw up an Employment and Industrial Relations Plan which shall record the remuneration of employees, employment conditions, number of employees, and number of employees covered by an industrial agreement. This plan shall be submitted to the Public Enterprise Minister.

  8. Fiji - Economic and social policy - Law, Act

    Fijian Development Fund Act, 1966 (as amended).

    Adoption: 1966-03-02 | FJI-1966-L-68073

    Provides for establishment and management of Fijian Development Fund. Fund shall be managed and controlled by Board.

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