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Country: Ethiopia - Subject: Civil, commercial and family law

  1. Ethiopia - Civil, commercial and family law - Law, Act

    Civil Code As Amended Proclamation No. 639/2009. - Ethiopian Parliament

    Adoption: 2009-06-30 | ETH-2009-L-85142

    The following new sub-article (3) is added under Article 1723 of the 1960 Ethiopian Civil Code.
    "3) Notwithstanding the provisions of sub-article (1) of this Article, a contract of mortgage concluded to provide security to a loan extended by a bank or a micro-financing institution may not require to be registered by a court or a notary."

  2. Ethiopia - Civil, commercial and family law - Law, Act

    Trade Practice Proclamation No. 329/2003. - Ethiopian Parliament

    Adoption: 2003-04-17 | Date of entry into force: 2003-04-17 | ETH-2003-L-70914

    Contains 31 provisions with four parts.

    1 - General provisions: definitions, objective, scope of application, and exceptions
    2 - Anti-competitive practices: prohibition, authorization, registration, cancellation, unfair competition, and abuse of market dominance
    3 - Investigation Commission: establishment, composition, meetings, powers, appeal, and duties of the secretariat
    4 - Miscellaneous provisions: indication of prices of goods, labels of goods, distribution of basic goods and services, issuing and keeping of receipts, penalties, assessment of fines and effective dates

  3. Ethiopia - Civil, commercial and family law - Law, Act

    Revised Family Code Proclamation No. 213/2000. - Proclamation on-line Legislation on-line

    Adoption: 2000-07-04 | ETH-2000-L-70033

    Regulates marriage, paternity and maternity, adoption and the guardianship of minors.

  4. Ethiopia - Civil, commercial and family law - Law, Act

    Civil Code (Amendment) Proclamation No. 65/1997. - Ethiopian Parliament

    Adoption: 1997-02-27 | ETH-1997-L-85167

    Adds new sub-articles (3)-(6) after article 2851(2) as well as new sub-articles (3)-(6) after article 3060(2) concerning concerning bank loans.

  5. Ethiopia - Civil, commercial and family law - Law, Act

    Civil Code Proclamation No. 165/1960. - Code on-line

    Adoption: 1960-05-05 | Date of entry into force: 1960-09-11 | ETH-1960-L-52399

    Enacts the codified text of the civil law. The text of the Civil Code is attached. Title XVI (sections 2512-2697) sets out ground rules regarding the conditions of formation, execution and termination of contracts of employment and enumerates the rights and obligations of the parties with regard to work, wages, safety precautions and holidays. The section also contains special provisions on contracts for particular kinds of work (apprenticeship, trial periods, domestic servants, agricultural work) hiring for intellectual work, medical or hospital contracts, contracts of innkeepers and publishing contracts. The Code survived the revolutionary regime of 1994-1991 and remains in force relatively unamended.

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