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Country: Estonia - Subject: Disabled workers

  1. Estonia - Disabled workers - Law, Act

    Law No. RT I, 29.06.2017, 1 of 14 June 2017 "To Amend the Law "On Work Ability Allowance" and other legal acts. - legislation on-line

    Adoption: 2017-06-14 | Date of entry into force: 2017-07-09 | EST-2017-L-107080

    In the Law "On Work Ability Allowance", makes wording changes in para 13) of sub-paragraph (1) of Paragraph 13 (Right to receive work ability allowance), also supplementing the same paragraph with new sub-paragraph (3.1); also supplements Paragraph 13 (Amount of work ability allowance) with new sub-paragraphs (3.1), (3.2), (3.3). Introduces new Paragraph 19.1 (Continuation of payment of work ability allowance). Rephrases sub-paragraph (7) of Paragraph 27 (Transitional provisions) supplementing it with new sub-paragraphs (7.1), (7.2), (8.1).
    Also amends the Law "On Social Benefits for Disabled Persons": in particular, makes changes in Paragraph 2.1 (Preparation of rehabilitation plan); supplements Paragraph 2.4 (Term for making decision concerning degree of severity of disability and duration of degree of severity of disability) with new sub-paragraph (2.1); also adds sub-paragraph (1.1) to Paragraph 20 (Changes in payment of social benefits for disabled persons).
    Also amends Law "On Health Insurance": in particular, changes the wording of sub-paragraphs 3, 4 of Paragraph 33.1 (Dental care benefit for insured person of at least 19 years of age).
    Also makes wording changes in sub-paragraph (3) of Paragraph 64 (Rehabilitation waiting list) of Law "On Social Welfare".
    Also amends Law "On Labour Market and Benefits Act": in particular, rephrases sub-paragraph 6) of Paragraph 33 (Premature termination of payment of unemployment allowance).

  2. Estonia - Disabled workers - Law, Act

    Law No. RT I, 13.12.2014, 1 of 19 November 2014 "On Work Ability Allowance", as amended to 24 December 2016 (Töövõimetoetuse seadus) - legislation on-line legislation on-line

    Adoption: 2014-11-19 | Date of entry into force: 2016-07-01 | EST-2014-L-105040

    Chapter I: General Provisions
    Chapter II: Assessment of Work Ability
    Chapter III: Work Ability Allowance
    Chapter IV: Database of Work Ability Assessment and Work Ability Allowance, and Exchange of Information
    Chapter V: Settlement of Disputes
    Chapter VI: Administrative Supervision
    Chapter VII: Implementing Provisions.

  3. Estonia - Disabled workers - Law, Act

    Law No. RT I, 21.03.2014, 1 of 26 February 2014 to Amend Social Welfare Act, the Labour Market Services and Benefits Act, and the Social Benefits for Disabled Persons Act. - Legislation On-Line

    Adoption: 2014-02-26 | Date of entry into force: 2014-03-31 | EST-2014-L-102026

    Amending, inter alia, the Social Welfare Act, introduces changes to sections 10 (Social services), 111 (Rehabilitation service), 112 (Person entitled to receive rehabilitation service provided by state), 114 (Grant of authority to perform provision of rehabilitation services), 115(Contract under public law granting authorization to perform provision of rehabilitation services), 116(Application for rehabilitation service) also adding para (8) to it; adds paras (11), (12), (4) to section 117(Waiting list for provision of rehabilitation services); adds paras (1), (8) to section 1112 (Preparation of rehabilitation plan), rephrases section 1123 (Waiting lists for special care services) repealing paras (3), (31), (4). Also, introduces new section 181(Prohibited objects and substances upon staying in social welfare institution); repeals section 20; makes minor wording changes in sections 1113, 1115, 1116, 1117, 1126, 1131, 1132, 1133, 1134, 1140, 1147, 11 48, 11 51, 1153, 17, 18, 24, 252, 26, 48.

  4. Estonia - Disabled workers - Law, Act

    Act of 13 October 1999 to amend the Family Benefits Act and related acts (Text No. 749).

    Adoption: 1999-10-13 | Date of entry into force: 2000-01-01 | EST-1999-L-55654

    Amends the Family Benefits Act, the Act on social benefits for disabled persons, the Holidays Act, the Act on social protection of the unemployed, and the Social Tax Act.

  5. Estonia - Disabled workers - Law, Act

    Act of 27 January 1999 on social benefits for disabled persons (consolidation). - English translation (as amended up to June 2008)

    Adoption: 1999-01-27 | Date of entry into force: 2000-01-01 | EST-1999-L-53662

    Determines the classes of social benefits for disabled persons, the conditions of entitlement, and the procedure for their grant and payment.

  6. Estonia - Disabled workers - Law, Act

    Mental Health Act of 12 February 1997. - English translation (as amended up to June 2002)

    Adoption: 1997-02-12 | Date of entry into force: 1997-03-16 | EST-1997-L-49042

    Regulates the procedure and conditions for provision of psychiatric care and the relationships with health care institutions. Provides for the duties of the State and local governments in the organization of psychiatric care, and the rights of persons in receiving psychiatric care.

  7. Estonia - Disabled workers - Regulation, Decree, Ordinance

    Decree No. 195 of 23 July 1996 to establish conditions and procedure of the education of the disabled in vocational institutes. (Text No. 1042)

    Adoption: 1996-07-23 | EST-1996-R-45131

    The Ministries of Education and Social Matters create the possibility for the disabled to choose their profession and vocational education, with the cooperation of State employment services and other services in charge of vocational guidance.

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