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Country: Cyprus - Subject: Agriculture workers

  1. Cyprus - Agriculture workers - Law, Act

    Law N° 26(I) of 2016 providing for the establishment of a registry of farmers and agricultural farming. - Text in Greek

    Adoption: 2016-03-24 | Date of entry into force: 2016-03-24 | CYP-2016-L-104702

    Article 2 provides for the definition of the following terms: “farmer”, “farming organisations”, “competent authority”, “agricultural farming”, “agricultural and agribusiness products”, “Republic”, “revenue”, “EU Regulation N° 1308/2013”, “EU Regulation N° 1379/2013”, “force majeure”, “Aid Measure for the Settlement of New Agricultural Workers”, “Measure for the Early Retirement of Agricultural Workers”, “Registry”, Registry A – Agricultural Workers and Agricultural Farming”, “Registry B – Partial Employment and Traditional Occupations”, “permanent residence”, “private law entity”, “Agricultural Payments Organisation (OAP)”, “fishery and aquaculture products”, “traditional occupations”, “traditional products”, Fishery Workers Early Retirement Plan”, “New Fishery Workers Support Plan for the Purchase of Professional Vessel”, “Cooperative”, “Aquaculture”, “Agro touristic services”, “Ministry”, “Minister” and “project promoters”.
    Article 3 sets out the purpose of the present Law.
    Article 4 sets out the purpose of the maintenance of the Registry.
    Article 5 sets out the conditions for the registration into the Registry and the data to be submitted to the project promoter”.
    Article 6 regulates the Registry Panels.
    Article 7 regulates the procedure of registration into the Registry.
    Article 8 regulates the review of the applications.
    Article 9 regulates the applications approval and the registration into the Registry.
    Article 10 regulates the disqualification from the Registry.
    Article 11 defines the inactive farmers.
    Article 12 provides for the maintenance of the Registry.
    Article 13 introduces a general sanction.
    Article 14 introduces the issuance of Regulations by the Governmental Council.
    Article 15 introduces the issuance of Decrees by the Ministry.

    Index referring on article 2 provides for a list of traditional occupations.

  2. Cyprus - Agriculture workers - Law, Act

    Law No. 179(I) amending the Law on the Registration of Farmers (No. 32 of 1987).

    Adoption: 2011-12-23 | Date of entry into force: 2011-12-23 | CYP-2011-L-89700

    Amending the following articles of Law No. 32 of 1987 as amended to Law No. 150(I) of 2004:

    Article 2: adds definition of the term "exercising an agricultural activity".
    Adds article 2A with a more detailed analysis of the profession of farmer.
    Article 3: adds a new para concerning the role of the Council.
    Article 4: adds a sub-para concerning the need for language skills for exercising the profession of famrer. Replaces sub-para 2 with a new sub-para concerning the procedure of applications submission by citizens of EU member states and a new sub-para 3 concerning the evaluation of applications by the Council.
    Article 11C: replaces the phrase "registered in the registry of farmers who provide services" with the phrase "who provide services to the Republic according to article 11A"
    Article 15: adds a new article 15A concerning the appointment and competences of the authorized officer.
    Article 30: replaces the 12th paragraph with a new paragraph concerning the determination and publication of the criteria for the exercise of the profession of farmer based on the academic qualifications. Adds a 13th paragraph confirming that every issue can and should be determined.

  3. Cyprus - Agriculture workers - Law, Act

    Act No. 74(I) of 1997 to amend Acts concerning agricultural insurance.

    Adoption: 1997-07-25 | CYP-1997-L-47750

    Specifies the meaning of the term "hazard" and provides for the right to a lump-sum in the event of a damage caused by ice, continuous of rain, hot-dry air or flood. The amount to be paid is calculated, according to the product and the total of the damage, ranging between 20 per cent and 75 per cent.

  4. Cyprus - Agriculture workers - Law, Act

    Law No. 20(I)/1995 to amend all laws on agricultural safety.

    Adoption: 1995-01-01 | Date of entry into force: 1995-01-01 | CYP-1995-L-40624

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