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Country: Cyprus - Subject: Cooperatives

  1. Cyprus - Cooperatives - Law, Act

    Law No. 277(I) of 2004 supplementing the Statute for a European company with regard to the involvement of employees with a view to enhancing employees' rights to participate in management and decisions concerning the European public limited-liability company (implementing Directive 2001/86/EC and Regulation No. 2157/2001).

    Adoption: 2004-12-31 | CYP-2004-L-72921

    Establishes and regulates the right of employees to participate in the management of European public limited liability companies, the defining feature of which is their ability to transfer their place of registration between different member States within the European Union without liquidating in one State and reincorporating in another (Regulation No. 2157/2001).

  2. Cyprus - Cooperatives - Law, Act

    Law No. 230(I) of 2004, amending the 1985 to 2004 laws on co-operative companies.

    Adoption: 2004-10-15 | CYP-2004-L-80621

    Minor amendments of the basic law (No. 22 of 1985, No. 68 of 1987, No. 190 of 1989, No. 8 of 1992, No. 22(I) of 1992, No. 140(I) of 1999, No. 140(I) of 2000, No. 171(I) of 2000, No. 8(I) of 2001, No. 123(I) of 2003, No. 124(I) of 2003, No. 144(I) of 2003, No. 5(I) of 2004).

  3. Cyprus - Cooperatives - Law, Act

    Act No 171(I) of 2000 to amend the acts concerning co-operative commercial firms.

    Adoption: 2000-12-22 | CYP-2000-L-59067

    Amendments concerning financial obligations of the co-operative companies towards the state. Also addresses the powers of tax inspectors to give permission for the establishment of subsidiary companies, as well as incorporation of several co-operative companies.

  4. Cyprus - Cooperatives - Regulation, Decree, Ordinance

    Cooperative Societies Rules, 1959.

    Adoption: 1959 | CYP-1959-R-38683

    Regulates the registration of societies, membership to cooperatives, general meetings. Provides for the election of a committee by the General Assembly which shall represent the cooperative before all competent public authorities and in all dealings and transactions with third persons. Other provisions cover loans, transfers of shares, duties of secretary and treasurer. Sets forth a reserve fund. Specifies that the accounts of every registered society shall be audited once a year by a person authorized by the registrar. Provisions are made for the making of contracts and the settlement of disputes. Appendix I includes diferent forms in order to registrate a cooperative while appendix II includes a notice of appeal in the dispute.

  5. Cyprus - Cooperatives - Law, Act

    Cooperative Societies Law (Cap. 114 and Law 28 of 1959).

    Adoption: 1959 | CYP-1959-L-32535

    Provides for the registration of cooperatives. Specifies the rights and liabilities of members. Sets up the privileges of registered societies as for example the creation of charges in favor of registered societies. Other provisions cover shares, property and funds of registered societies, distribution of surplus. The Registrar has a power to supervise the affairs of registered societies. Regulates the dissolution of cooperatives, sets forth attachment of property and specifies the purposes of rules. Offences against this Act are sanctionned.

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