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Country: Cyprus - Subject: Criminal and penal law

  1. Cyprus - Criminal and penal law - Law, Act

    Law N 45(I) of 2011 amending the Law 134(I) of 2011 on combatting certain forms and expressions of racism and xenophobia by means of criminal law (Amendment). - Text in Greek

    Adoption: 2015-04-09 | Date of entry into force: 2015-04-09 | CYP-2015-L-102329

    Article 2 amends 3rd phrase of article 3, by adding, after the phrase "irrevocable judgments of an international tribunal", the new phrase "or with a unanimous decision or a unanimous resolution of the House of Representatives".

  2. Cyprus - Criminal and penal law - Law, Act

    Law N 68(I) of 2013 on the 7th Amendment of the Constitution. - Text in Greek

    Adoption: 2013-07-17 | CYP-2013-L-100202

    For the purposes of compliance with the EU law, it amends article 11 of the Constitution regarding the arrest or detention of persons without entry permit into the Republic of Cyprus, of aliens against whom deportation or extradition has been ordered and of citizens of the Republic of Cyprus in view of extradition under a European warrant of arrest.

  3. Cyprus - Criminal and penal law - Law, Act

    Law No. 110(I) of 2010 on the Fight against Terrorism. (Ο ΠΕΡΙ ΚΑΤΑΠΟΛΕΜΗΣΗΣ ΤΗΣ ΤΡΟΜΟΚΡΑΤΙΑΣ ΝΟΜΟΣ) - Cyprus Gazette on-line

    Adoption: 2010-11-22 | Date of entry into force: 2010-11-22 | CYP-2010-L-86443

    1. Short Title

    2. Definitions
    3. Area of implementation
    4. Extending the courts' jurisdiction

    Chapter II - OFFENCES
    5. Terrorist offences
    6. Threat of terrorist offence
    7. Participation in terrorist organization
    8. Support to a terrorist organization
    9. Theft, blackmail, forgery related to terrorist offence
    10. Refusal to unveil information
    11. Direction, structure of terrorist organization
    12. Public provocation to commit a terrorist offence
    13. Abatement, attempt, complicity
    14. Legal person's responsibility
    15. Violation of regulation 2580/2001/EC
    16. Violation of regulation 881/2002/EC

    17. Publication of lists
    18. Measures of leniency in specific cases
    19. Witness protection
    20. Reparation for victims of terrorist offences
    21. Ban of entrance in the territory of the Republic
    22. Refusing the refugee application

    23. Collection, exchange of information
    24. Selection of a national reporter on terrorism issues in Eurojust
    25. Common groups of investigation

    Appendix I - Offences included in the Penal Code
    Appendix II - Offences included in Conventions and International Agreements the Republic has ratified by law

  4. Cyprus - Criminal and penal law - Law, Act

    Law No. 57(I) of 2007 amending the Criminal Procedure Code.

    Adoption: 2007-05-30 | CYP-2007-L-81195

    Amends the article 7 of the basic law related to the rights of the defendant.

  5. Cyprus - Criminal and penal law - Law, Act

    Law No. 48(I) of 2003 amending the Criminal Code.

    Adoption: 2003-05-30 | CYP-2003-L-72872

    Imposes penalties for any involvement in acts of female genital mutilation.

  6. Cyprus - Criminal and penal law - Law, Act

    Act No. 15(I) of 26 February 1999 to amend the Criminal Code.

    Adoption: 1999-02-26 | CYP-1999-L-54167

    Numerous amendments which in certain cases provide for lifetime imprisonment in lieu of the death sentence. Other amendments concern high treason, conspiracy, and piracy.

  7. Cyprus - Criminal and penal law - Law, Act

    Criminal Code.

    Adoption: 1962 | CYP-1962-L-72604

    Part I. General provisions
    Part II. Offences against public order
    Part III. Offences against the administration of lawful authority
    Part IV. Offences injurious to the public in general
    Part V. Offences against the person
    Part VI. Offences relating to property
    Part VII. Malicious injuries to property
    Part VIII. Forgery, coining, counterfeiting, similar offences and impersonation
    Part IX. Attempts and conspiracies to commit crimes
    Part X. Minor offences

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