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  1. China - Human rights - Law, Act

    Personal Information Protection Law of the People's Republic of China [CLI Code] CLI.1.5055321(EN). (真真真真真真真) - Legislation on-line

    Adoption: 2021-08-20 | CHN-2021-L-114030

    Chapter I General Provisions
    Chapter II Personal Information Processing Rules
    Section 1 General Rules
    Section 2 Rules of Processing of Sensitive Personal Information
    Section 3 Specific Provisions on the Processing of Personal Information by State Organs
    Chapter III Rules of Cross-Border Provision of Personal Information
    Chapter IV Individuals' Rights in Personal Information Processing Activities
    Chapter V Obligations of Personal Information Processors
    Chapter VI Authorities Performing Personal Information Protection Functions
    Chapter VII Legal Liability
    Chapter VIII Supplemental Provisions

  2. China - Human rights - Law, Act

    Public Cultural Service Guarantee Law of the People's Republic of China (Order No. 60 of the President). - Legislation on-line

    Adoption: 2016-12-25 | Date of entry into force: 2017-03-01 | CHN-2016-L-103947

    Article 1. This Law is enacted for the purposes of strengthening the development of the public cultural service system, enriching the spiritual and cultural life of the people, passing on the excellent traditional Chinese culture, advocating the socialist core values, boosting cultural confidence, promoting the prosperity and development of socialist culture with Chinese characteristics, and improving the civilization and quality of the whole nation.

    Chapter I General Provisions
    Chapter II Construction and Management of Public Cultural Facilities
    Chapter III Supply of Public Cultural Services
    Chapter IV Guarantee Measures
    Chapter V Legal Liabilities
    Chapter VI Supplemental Provisions
    Chapter I General Provisions

  3. China - Human rights - Law, Act

    Charity Law of the People's Republic of China (Order No. 43 of the President of the PRC). - Legislation on-line

    Adoption: 2016-03-16 | Date of entry into force: 2016-09-01 | CHN-2016-L-103952

    Chapter I General Provisions
    Chapter II Charitable Organizations
    Chapter III Charitable Fundraising
    Chapter IV Charitable Donation
    Chapter V Charitable Trust
    Chapter VI Charity Property
    Chapter VII Charitable Services
    Chapter VIII Information Disclosure
    Chapter IX Promotional Measures
    Chapter X Supervision and Administration
    Chapter XI Legal Liability
    Chapter XII Supplementary Provisions

  4. China - Human rights - Law, Act

    Ley nm. 2/99/M, de 9 de agosto, por la que se regula el derecho de asociacin. - Boletim Oficial da RAEM

    Adoption: 1999-08-09 | CHN-1999-L-53788

    Establece el rgimen general del derecho de asociacin as como el rgimen especfico de las asociaciones polticas. Deroga el Decreto-ley nm. 3/76/M.

  5. China - Human rights - Regulation, Decree, Ordinance

    Resolution of the Provisional Legislative Council (L.N. 498 of 1997).

    Adoption: 1997-10-29 | CHN-1997-R-48353

    Extends the application of the provision of Ordinance 107 of 1997, which suspends of the Hong Kong Bill of Rights (Amendment) Ordinance, to 31 January 1998.

  6. China - Human rights - Law, Act

    Hong Kong Bill of Rights Ordinance (Cap. 383). - Legislation on-line

    Adoption: 1997-06-30 | CHN-1997-L-57567

    Deals with various human rights. Makes provision for entitlment to rights without distinction, right to life, prohibition of torture or inhuman treatment and experimentation without consent, prohibition of slavery or servitude, for liberty and security of person, for rights of persons deprived of their liberty, prohibition of imprisonment for breach of contract, for liberty of movement, for restrictions on expulsions from Hong Kong, equality before courts and right to fair and public hearing, rights of persons charged with or convicted of criminal offence, prohibition of retrospective criminal offences or penalties, for the right to recognition as person before the law, protection of privacy, family, home, correspondence, honour and reputation, freedom of thought conscience and religion, freedom of opinion and expression, right to peaceful assembly, freedom of association, rights in respect of marriage and family, rights of children, right to participate in public life, equality before and equal protection of law, and rights of minorities.

  7. China - Human rights - Law, Act

    Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (No. 81 of 1995) (Cap. 486). - Legislation on-line in Chinese and English

    Adoption: 1995 | Date of entry into force: 1996-08-01 | Date of gradual entry into force: 1997-08-01 | Date of gradual entry into force: 1996-12-20 | CHN-1995-L-92963

    An Ordinance to protect the privacy of individuals in relation to personal data, and to provide for matters incidental thereto or connected therewith.

  8. China - Human rights - Law, Act

    Ley nm. 5/94/M de 1 de agosto, la cual regula y garantiza el ejercicio del derecho de peticin para defensa de los derechos de las personas, de la legalidad o de los intereses de la comunidad. -

    Adoption: 1994-07-12 | CHN-1994-L-39197

  9. China - Human rights - Law, Act

    Ley nm. 2/93/M por la que se reglamenta el derecho de reunin y de manifestacin en lugares pblicos. Se revoca el decreto nm. 584/74, de 11 de setiembre, dejndose de aplicar en Macao el decreto ley nm. 406/74 de 29 de agosto. -

    Adoption: 1993-05-17 | CHN-1993-L-33170

    Principios generales (todos los residentes tienen derecho de reunirse pacficamente, sin armas, en lugares pblicos, abiertos o particulares, sin necesidad de autorizacin. Todos los residentes gozan del derecho de manifestacin). Reuniones y manifestaciones no permitidas, restricciones especiales y temporales, aviso previo, imposicin de restricciones, contramanifestaciones, interrupcin de reuniones y manifestaciones, reuniones religiosas o privadas, publicidad.

  10. China - Human rights - Law, Act

    Crimes (Torture) Ordinance (No. 11 of 1993)

    Adoption: 1993-01-20 | CHN-1993-L-32391

    Establishes the offence of "torture", which is defined as the intentional infliction of severe pain or suffering on another. Applies in particular to public officials or those acting at the instigation of a public official.

  11. China - Human rights - Law, Act

    Ley nm. 16/92/M, por la que se determinan las reglas a que deben ajustarse el secreto de las comunicaciones y la reserva de la intimidad privada. -

    Adoption: 1992-09-28 | CHN-1992-L-30865

  12. China - Human rights - Regulation, Decree, Ordinance

    Regulations for the Implementation of the Law of Assembly, Procession, and Demonstration of the People's Republic of China [1992]

    Adoption: 1992-06-16 | Date of entry into force: 1992-06-16 | CHN-1992-R-29993

    These Regulations provide detailed conditions for the right to peaceful demonstration and assembly. Chapter 2 concerns applications and approval in respect of this right, Chapter 3 governs the staging of such assemblies, processions and demonstrations, and Chapter 4 provides sanctions for non-compliance with the Regulations.

  13. China - Human rights - Regulation, Decree, Ordinance

    Hong Kong Bill of Rights Ordinance 1991.No.59

    Adoption: 1991-06-06 | Date of entry into force: 1991-06-08 | CHN-1991-R-22573

    An Ordinance to provide for the incorporation into the law of Hong Kong of provisions of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights as applied to Hong Kong; and for ancillary and connected matters. Part I (Preliminary) covers general matters, including effect on existing legislation and the interpretation of subsequent legislation, public emergencies and remedies for contravention of the Bill of Rights. Part II consists of the actual Bill of Rights, whose 23 Articles provide for entitlement to rights without distinction, the right to life, the prohibition of torture and inhuman treatment, the prohibition of slavery and servitude, liberty and security of person, rights of persons deprived of their liberty, freedom of movement, restrictions on expulsion from Hong Kong, right to recognition as a person before the law, equality before the courts, rights of children, freedom of association, rights of minorities, freedom of opinion and expression, freedom of thought, conscience and religion, etc. Part III provides for exceptions and savings.

  14. China - Human rights - Law, Act

    HIV Infection Control and Patient Rights Protection Act, 1990. - Act on-line

    Adoption: 1990-12-17 | CHN-1990-L-80260

    Provides for measures to prevent the infection and spread of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection, to maintain the health of the population, and to protect the rights of the victims of HIV.

  15. China - Human rights - Regulation, Decree, Ordinance

    Regulations governing Reconsideration of Administrative Measures

    Adoption: 1990-11-09 | Date of entry into force: 1991-01-01 | CHN-1990-R-22023

    Regulations designed to safeguard and supervise administrative bodies, to prevent and rectify specific illegal or inappropriate administrative measures, and to protect the legitimate rights and interests of citizens and legal persons by providing that they may apply to administrative authorities for reconsideration of specific administrative measures considered to violate their legitimate rights and interests. The Regulations cover the scope of application for consideration, jurisdiction over reconsideration, reconsideration agencies, participants in reconsideration, petitions and acceptance, hearings and decisions, time limit and service of decisions, and legal responsabilities. They were promulgated by Decree No. 70, dated 1990/12/24 (published in FBIS-CHI-90-250 of 1990/12/28).

  16. China - Human rights - Regulation, Decree, Ordinance

    Resolution of the Autonomous Regional People's Congress Standing Committee on making comprehensive efforts to improve public order.

    Adoption: 1990-11-02 | Date of entry into force: 1990 | CHN-1990-R-22018

    The resolution is designed to improve public order and social stability notably by strengthening the "function of dictatorship of public security and judicial organs", by striking hard at criminal elements, by promoting grass-roots mobilization and political organisation, by combating pornography and "the six vices", etc.

  17. China - Human rights - Regulation, Decree, Ordinance

    Provisional Regulations of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region governing the Management of Religous Professionals.

    Adoption: 1990-09 | CHN-1990-R-21997

    Primary emphasis is placed on support for the Communist Party leadership, non-interference in public affairs, obedience to the Government, official clearance of "religious professionals", prohibition of preaching outside places of worship, etc. Regulation 6(8) prohibits contacts with foreigners and foreign religious organisations. Offenders are liable to "handling" by the public security and judicial departments.

  18. China - Human rights - Regulation, Decree, Ordinance

    Provisional Regulations on the Administration of Religious Activities

    Adoption: 1990-09 | Date of entry into force: 1990-09 | CHN-1990-R-22021

    Provide for freedom of religious belief and participation in religious activities while prohibiting the interference of religion in "the order of the life of the masses", culture, education, mariage law, family planning policy, etc and making religious activity subject to official approval.

  19. China - Human rights - Law, Act

    Laws of the People's Republic of China on Assemblies, Processions and Demonstrations

    Adoption: 1989-10-31 | CHN-1989-L-37842

    The purpose of this Act is to safeguard Chinese citizens' exercise of their rights in this and 'to mantain social stability and public order' (Ch. I). Application and permission are required for assemblies, processions and demonstrations (Ch. II). The holding of assemblies, processions and demonstrations are regulated in Ch. III. Ch. IV provides for legal responsibility for violation of this Act. Foreigners may not, without approval, participate in an assembly, a procession or a demonstration held by Chinese citizens (Art. 34).

  20. China - Human rights - Regulation, Decree, Ordinance

    Provisional Regulations on the Provision of Political Ideological Activities for Chinese Employees of Sino-Foreign Equity and Contractual Joint Ventures. - Unofficial English Translation

    Adoption: 1987-08-11 | CHN-1987-R-72393

    The regulations are formulated to implement the open door policy of the Party and the State, to enhance and improve political ideological activities for Chinese employees of foreign investment companies to arouse the enthusiasm and creativity of Chinese employees to its greatest extent, to strengthen the operational management of enterprises and to accelerate the development of enterprises (art. 1).

  21. China - Human rights - Law, Act

    Official Languages Ordinance, 1974 (Cap. 5). - Legislation on-line

    Adoption: 1974-02-15 | CHN-1974-L-92915

    Declares that the English and Chinese languages are the official languages of Hong Kong.

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