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Nom: Environmental Protection (Pollution and Transfer to the Environment - Reporting and Registration Duties) Law, 2012.
Pays: Israël
Sujet(s): Droit de l'environnement, du climat et du développement durable
Type de loi: Loi
Adopté le: 2012-04-01
Entry into force:
Publié le: Reshomot,Sefer Ha Choukem, 2012-04-01, No. 2348, P. 238 - P. 262
ISN: ISR-2012-L-94396
Lien: https://www.ilo.org/dyn/natlex/natlex4.detail?p_isn=94396&p_lang=fr
Bibliographie: Reshomot,Sefer Ha Choukem, 2012-04-01, No. 2348, P. 238 - P. 262
Legislation on-line in Hebrew Legislation on-line in Hebrew Ministry of Justice, Jerusalem, Israel PDF in Hebrew PDF in Hebrew (consulté le 2013-10-25)
Résumé/Citation: The stated objectives of the Law are to increase the transparency of environmental information in Israel; to encourage factories to decrease the release and transfer of contaminating materials to the environment; and to assist in the adoption of decisions, in the conduct of research, and in the formulation of a policy that is based on environmental justice.

The Law further establishes a register of pollutants and of the transfer of contaminating materials. The register will be accessible to the public by the Internet, free of charge. Additional information on pollutant release and transfer will be made publicly available via a geographic information system (GIS), accessible on the Internet site of the Ministry of Environmental Protection.
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