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Nom: Law No. 103 of 30 March 2009 to amend and supplement the Labour Code.
Pays: Kirghizistan
Sujet(s): Codes du travail, Lois générales sur le travail ou l'emploi
Type de loi: Loi
Adopté le: 2009-10-12
Entry into force:
ISN: KGZ-2009-L-84029
Lien: https://www.ilo.org/dyn/natlex/natlex4.detail?p_isn=84029&p_lang=fr
Bibliographie: Legislation from CIS Countries (in Russian) Legislation from CIS Countries (in Russian) Soyuz Pravo Inform (consulté le 2010-07-03)
Résumé/Citation: Amends and supplements articles 3, 62, 65, 69, 85, 86, 87, 95, 103, 112,113, 123, 129, 151, 186, 230, 234, 327, 350, 351, 357, 363, 365, 399, 412, 423 of the Labour Code. The main changes are related to: the procedure of recruitment of the employee, notably the reduced list of test requirements at recruitment; the procedure of keeping work record book of the employee; the possibility for the employer to terminate the employment contract without prior notification of the State Employment Service. Also introduces minor changes in the concept of holidays providing that depending on the industries' specificities other than Sundays can be provided as a holiday.
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