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Législation nationale sur le droit du travail, la sécurité sociale et les droits de la personne

Tchécoslovaquie (ex) (274) > Sécurité sociale (Normes d'ensemble) (94)

Nom: Notification of the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs in application of the Social Security Act (of 16 June 1988). Text No. 149.
Pays: Tchécoslovaquie (ex)
Sujet(s): Sécurité et santé au travail; Sécurité sociale (Normes d'ensemble); Élimination du travail des enfants, protection des enfants et des adolescents
Type de loi: Loi
Adopté le: 1988-09-16
Entry into force:
Publié le: Sbírka Zákonu, 1988-09-22, No. 31, pp. 861-912
ISN: CSK-1988-L-6958
Lien: https://www.ilo.org/dyn/natlex/natlex4.detail?p_isn=6958&p_lang=fr
Bibliographie: Sbírka Zákonu, 1988-09-22, No. 31, pp. 861-912
Résumé/Citation: This notification, which contains 187 sections, grouped into six Parts, sets forth the means of application of Act No. 100/1988, in line with its ordering and taking into account the application of other texts, particularly s. 21 of the Act of 30 Nov. 1956 (LS 1956 - Czech. 3B) (cumulative benefits), ss. 142 and 195 of the Labour Code (LS 1975 - Czech. 2) on young workers having completed their studies and on compensation for loss of earning), and of the Ordinance of 23 Apr. 1975 applying it, the Act of 1 Nov. 1972 and the Notifications of 6 Apr. 1957, 28 June 1968, 20 Dec. 1968, 21 Dec. 1968, 24 Dec. 1970 and 22 Mar. 1974, and Notifications Nos. 151 and 152 of 1988, the later two being applicable respectively to the Slovene Socialist Republic and the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic. Amends (and revokes in part) the Notification of 20 Nov. 1975 issued in application of the repealed social security Act. Annexes contain: (1) List of occupational diseases; (2) Impairments to health seriously affecting normal conditions of existence; (3) List of afflictions and conditions justifying care of children because of serious long-term impairments to health requiring special care. Entry into force 1 Oct. 1988.

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