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Nom: Ministerial Decision No. 71/2 of 1982 on training of nationals in the existing establishment in the State.
Pays: Emirats Arabes Unis
Sujet(s): Education, orientation et formation professionnelles
Type de loi: Autres textes (circulaire, directive, instruction, etc.)
Adopté le: 1982
Entry into force:
ISN: ARE-1982-M-68115
Lien: https://www.ilo.org/dyn/natlex/natlex4.detail?p_isn=68115&p_lang=fr
Bibliographie: Federal Law No. 8 (1980) on regulation of Labour Relations and its amendments and orders issued in implementation thereof, 1994-03, Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, Social Solid Arityfund, United Arab Emirates, Third Edition, pp. 220-226
Résumé/Citation: Creates the Training Committee in charge of laying down the general policy for training and concluding agreements of training with the establishments.
Provides that the establishment shall conclude the training contract with a trainee who is eighteen years old, but the trainee under that age must be presented by his natural or legal custodian or guardian.
Also contains provisions on wage and dismissal.
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