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Nom: Proclamation of 23 December 1997 of the Minister of Labour and Social Policy to publish a consolidated reprint of the Labour Code.
Pays: Pologne
Sujet(s): Codes du travail, Lois générales sur le travail ou l'emploi
Type de loi: Loi
Adopté le: 1997-12-23
Entry into force:
Publié le: Dziennik Ustaw, 1998-02-16, No. 21, pp. 715-771
ISN: POL-1997-L-49416
Lien: https://www.ilo.org/dyn/natlex/natlex4.detail?p_isn=49416&p_lang=fr
Bibliographie: Dziennik Ustaw, 1998-02-16, No. 21, pp. 715-771
Consolidated 1997 full English version Consolidated 1997 full English version Ministry of Labour and Social Policy, Poland PDF PDF (consulté le 2014-11-21)
Résumé/Citation: The proclamation contains an updated and consolidated text of the Polish Labour Code of 26 June 1974. The Labour Code defines the employee as a person employed on the basis of a contract of employment, an appointment, an election, a nomination, or a cooperative contract of employment; it defines the employer as any organisational unit even if it has no legal personality, and any legal person if they engage employees. The Labour Code also regulates such matters as employment relationship, salary, duties of employer and employee, financial liability of employees, working time, the employees' leave, protection of women's work, employment of young adults, work safety and hygiene, collective labour agreements, the consideration of claims arising from employment relationships, the responsiblity in cases of violation of employee's rights, limitation of claims, as well as group organisation of work.
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