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Nom: Law No. 936-VIII of 26 January 2016 "To Amend Several Legal Acts of Ukraine with the aim of Strengthening Social Protection of Children and Assistance for the Families with Children".
Pays: Ukraine
Sujet(s): Élimination du travail des enfants, protection des enfants et des adolescents; Assistance et services sociaux
Type de loi: Loi
Adopté le: 2016-01-26
Entry into force:
ISN: UKR-2016-L-105585
Lien: https://www.ilo.org/dyn/natlex/natlex4.detail?p_isn=105585&p_lang=fr
Bibliographie: legislation on-line legislation on-line SoyuzPravoInform, Legislation from CIS Countries (in Russian) (consulté le 2017-11-26)
Résumé/Citation: Amends, inter alia, the Family Code. In particular, rephrases Chapter 20 (Patronage over the child).
Also amends the Law "On Protection of Children": rephrases the preamble of the Law; supplements Article 1 (Definition of terms) with a new paragraph; introduces wording changes and new words into Article 5 (Organization of children’s protection); rephrase parts 3 and 5 of Article 12 (Rights, duties and responsibility of parents for upbringing and development of children). Rephrases the title of Section V, which now reads: "Children in need of a special state protection", supplementing Section V with new Article 23-1 (Protection of rights and interests of the children in hard living conditions); rephrases parts 2, 3 of Article 24 (Maintenance and upbringing of orphans and children deprived of parental care, and street children); also rephrases Article 30 (Prohibition of participation of children in military activities and armed conflicts) and Article 32 (Protection of the child against illegal transfer). Supplements the law with new Article 30-1 (Protection of children in war zones and armed conflicts, and children affected by war and armed conflicts).
Also amends the law "On Social Services": in particular, supplements part 3 of Article 5 (Types of social services and forms of provision) with new paragraph.
Also amends the law "On Ensuring Organizational and Legal Conditions of Social Protection for Orphans and Children Deprived of Parental Care": makes wording changes in paragraph 3 of Article 1 (Definition of terms).
Also amends the law "On Free Legal Aid": in particular, rephrases paragraph 2 of part 1 of Article 14 (Subjects who possess the right to free additional legal aid).
Amends the law "On Ensuring Rights and Liberties of Internally Displaced Persons". In particular, adds a new paragraph to part 1 of Article 4 (Registration of internally displaced persons), rephrases part 4 of the same article, supplements part 7 with new words, part 8 with paragraphs 5-8. Supplements Article 11 (Competencies of central and local executive bodies, local self-government bodies in relation with ensuring rights and freedoms for internally displaced persons) with new paragraphs 12-1-12-5.
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