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Nom: Law N° 4151/2013 introducing adjustments for the amendment and improvement of the retirement, financial, administrative and other provisions of the Ministry of Finance.
Pays: Grèce
Sujet(s): Prestations de vieillesse, d'invalidité et de survivants
Type de loi: Loi
Adopté le: 2013-04-29
Entry into force:
Publié le: Efimeris tis Kivernisseos, 2013-04-29, Part A', N° 103, pp. 1497-1516
ISN: GRC-2013-L-100436
Lien: https://www.ilo.org/dyn/natlex/natlex4.detail?p_isn=100436&p_lang=fr
Bibliographie: Efimeris tis Kivernisseos, 2013-04-29, Part A', N° 103, pp. 1497-1516
Text in Greek Text in Greek Ethniko Tipografio, Athens, Greece, pp. 1497-1516 PDF of Official Gazette in Greek PDF of Official Gazette in Greek (consulté le 2015-11-25)
Article 1 amends the Presidential Decree N° 167/2009 by introducing new article 57A on the advance payment of pensions.
Article 3 amends article 5, paragraph 4 and article 31, paragraph 5 of the Presidential Decree N° 169/2007, by setting the maximum amount of pensions for specific categories of persons, as well as article 11, paragraph 8, 1st phrase, regarding the pensionable time period. It also introduces amendments regarding, amongst other, the sickness and invalidity benefits; the deduction from pension in case of unjustified paid emoluments, pensions or benefits; the surrender of the right to pension in case of incarceration sentence and the maintenance of an inventory of Public Sector pensioners.
Article 4 regulates other retirement matters amongst which:
- the retirement age and the pensionable time period of real full service, by amending Law N° 2084/1992;
- the calculation of the basic and complementary pension amounts, the pensionable time period, the term of service, the retirement age and the issue of pensioners employed after retirement, by amending Laws N° 2592/1998 and 3865/2010;
- the issue of the deceased pensioners' descendants entitled to disability benefits, by amending Law N° 3075/2002;
- the case of successive insurances and the calculation of the insurance contributions, by amending Law N° 4024/2011;
- the war veterans benefit, by amending Law N° 4051/2012;
- the rights of the unmarried daughters of pensioners, by amending Presidential Decree N° 169/2007;
- the pensions of Parliament members and mayors, by amending Law N° 4093/2012;
- the conditions for granting the Allowance of Social Solidarity between Pensioners (EKAS) to the pensioners of the Public Sector;
- the exemption from reduction in benefits in case of war disability allowances and the experts reports of the Disability Assessment Centres (KEPA), by amending Laws N° 4093/2012 and 4111/2013;
- the issue of return to service in case of error about the circumstances on the fulfilment of the retirement conditions;
- the maintenance of the insurance and pension acquired rights and the respective contributions in case of transfer to recommissioned employee positions governed by public law relationship;
- the pensions of persons falling upon special statements of emoluments;
- the conditions for granting the pension defined in article 1, paragraph 4 of Law N° 3075/2002 as amended by article 2 of Law N° 3620/2007, as well as the calculation of such pension, and the transfer of the right to such pension in case of decease of the beneficiary;
- the pensions granted to litterateurs and artists, pursuant to Law N° 3075/2002;
- the date of payment of pensions;
- the method of contributions payment for both employers and employees;
- the insurance and pension scheme governing the employees of the New TT Hellenic Postbank SA;


Article 16 regulates the issue of expenses for restitution of: a) intendancies of doctors of specific hospitals and medical centres; and b) additional emoluments, work on rest days, night hours and employment overtime for the personnel, other than medical, of the same institutions.
Article 23 amends article 167 of Law N° 4099/2012, concerning the employment contracts of the cleaning personnel of specific public buildings.
Article 24 establishes a Committee for the drafting of a Code on Immigration and Social Integration.

The following provisions have been repealed:
- case 9', subparagraph B2, paragraph B, article 1 of Law N° 4093/2012;
- subparagraph B6, paragraph B, article 1 of Law N° 4093/2012;
- 2nd phrase, case 4', subparagraph B5, paragraph B, article 1 of Law N° 4093/2012, from 1st January 2013;
- case 3', paragraph 5, article 1 of Law N° 3075/2002, as amended by article 2 of Law N° 3620/2007.
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