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Name: Law No. 4009 of 2011 concerning the Structure, Function, and Quality of Studies, and the Internationalization of Higher Educational Institutions
Country: Greece
Subject(s): Education, vocational guidance and training
Type of legislation: Law, Act
Adopted on: 2011-09-02
Entry into force:
Published on: Efimeris tis Kivernisseos, 2011-09-06, Part A, No. 195, pp. 4255-4300 (Text in Greek)
ISN: GRC-2011-L-89616
Bibliography: Efimeris tis Kivernisseos, 2011-09-06, Part A, No. 195, pp. 4255-4300 Text in Greek Text in Greek
Abstract/Citation: CHAPTER A - General Principles
1: Legal form of Higher Educational Institutions (HEI). 2: Definitions. Article 3: Academic freedom. Article 4: Mission of the HEI.
CHAPTER B - Legal Framework of HEI self-governance
5: Organization. 6: Internal Regulation.
CHAPTER C - HEI Structure
7: Schools.
CHAPTER D - Organs of HEI and their units
8: Organs of the Institution. 9: School organs. 10: Department organs. 11: Organs of graduate schools. 12: Organs of lifelong learning schools. 13: Other organs and special structure issues.
CHAPTER E - Evaluation - Transparency
14: Unit for assuring quality. 15: Publication - Transparency.
CHAPTER F - HEI Personnel
16: Professors. 17: Qualifications of the elected professors. 18: Election, evolution. 19: Election committees and evolution of professors. 20: Appointment. 21: Evaluation of Professors. 22: Appraisals and facilitations. 23: Listing of professors. 24: Conflict of interest - Suspension of duties. 25: Remuneration of Professors. 26: Parallel employment of professors in foreign and Greek HEI. 27: Scientific and other leaves. 28: Secretariat - Administrative personnel. 29: Special categories of teaching and scientific personnel.
CHAPTER G - Studies
30: Stucture of studies. 31: Teaching. 32: Program of studies. 33: Schedule of studies - Examinations. 34: First cycle regulations. 35: Studies councilors. 36: Student issues. 37: Books. 38: Program of Graduate Studies. 39: Doctoral studies. 40: Cooperation between HEIs. 41: Cooperation between Greek HEIs and foreign ones. 42: Cooperation between HEIs and research centers. 43: Lifelong learning program. 44: Studies in a foreign language. 45: Certification and financing of Studies. 46: National framework of higher education skills. 47: Nominated chairs. 48: Libraries - Association of Hellenic Academic Libraries.
CHAPTER H - Student issues
49: Student identity - Student Associations. 50: Student Councils. 51: Office of studies support. 52: Other support services. 53: Student Healthcare. 54: Scholarships and student loans. 55: Student ombudsman.
CHAPTER I - HEI Finances
56: HEI Funds. 57: Economic management. 58: Legal persons for financial management. 59: Funds of the N.P.I.D. 60: Office of innovation and of liaising. 61: National strategy of higher education. 62: Agreements on program planning. 63: Allocation of public financing for HEIs.
CHAPTER J - Securing and Certifying the Quality of Higher Education
64: The Authority. 65: Mission. 66: Competences for certifying quality. 67: Council of the Authority. 68: Competences of the Council President. 69: Scientific and administrative service. 70: Certification of quality. 71: Decisions on certification. 72: Certification Criteria. 73: Competences for the national strategy on higher education and the financing of the HEIs. 74: Evaluation and fincancing of the Authority.
CHAPTER K - Transitional Provisions
76: Election of primary organs of the HEIs - Schools' Establishment. 77: Members of Teaching Staff. 78: Members of Scientific Staff. 79: Other categories of personnel. 80: Other transitional provisions. 81: Repealed provisions. 82: Entry into force.
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