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Name: Law No. 3996 of 2011 concerning the reform of the Employment Inspectors Body and provisions of Social Security issues
Country: Greece
Subject(s): Social security (general standards)
Type of legislation: Law, Act
Adopted on: 2011-08-03
Entry into force:
ISN: GRC-2011-L-89552
Bibliography: Legislation on-line Legislation on-line General Secretariat of Social Security, Helenic Ministry of Employment and Social Security, Greece PDF of Act in Greek PDF of Act in Greek (consulted on 2014-07-30)
Abstract/Citation: SECTION A - Reform of SEPE
CHAPTER A - Establishment and Competences
Article 1: Establishment of Employment Inspectors Body (SEPE)
Article 2: Function and competences - Monitoring and support activity
Article 3: Reconciliation process - Disputes settlement
Article 4: Qualifications of the labour disputes mediator
Article 5: Staffing of the SEPE
Article 6: Training and certification of SEPE personnel
CHAPTER B - Organization and Operation
Article 7: Special Secretary
Article 8: General inspectors
Article 9: Labour special inspectors service
Article 10: Services of the SEPE
Article 11: Independent information desk for evaluation and management of appeals
Article 12: Special intervention task force
Article 13: Operational status of SEPE personnel
Article 14: Financial support for the independence of SEPE
Article 15: Additional remuneration - Other financial matters
Article 16: Format and use of control papers
Article 17: SEPE operational issues
Article 18: Electronic linking and reduction of bureaucratic process
Article 19: Cooperation between SEPE, General Directorate of Labour Conditions and Health, and the General Directorate of Labour
Article 20: Judicial representation of SEPE
CHAPTER C - Social Control and Evaluation
Article 21: Social Control of SEPE
Article 22: Evaluation report of SEPE and annual report
CHAPTER D - Sanctions
Article 23: Type and range of sanctions
Article 24: Administrative sanctions in case of violation of labour legislation
Article 25: Control of implementation of insurance laws to avoid undeclared labour
Article 26: Institutionalization of labour cards
Article 27: Publication of acts
Article 28: Penal sanctions
CHAPTER E - Amending and transitional provisions
Article 29: Provisions for doctors
Article 30: Exchange of Information between SEPE, IKA-ETAM and GGPS through electronic governance
Article 31: Mixed control teams
Article 32: Definition
Article 33: Transitional - Repealed provisions
SECTION B - Issues of Social Security
CHAPTER A - Protection of Vulnerable Groups
Article 34: Social solidarity benefit for retirees
Article 35: Illness and unemployment coverage
Article 36: Protection and layoff because of maternity
Article 37: Retirement benefits for the parents, spouses and siblings of persons with disabilities
CHAPTER B - Provisions of Insurance matters
Article 38: Precipitation of granting retirement benefits
Article 39: Children insurance
Article 40: Recognition of years of insurance
Article 41: Recognition of years of insurance for special categories
Article 42: Occupation of retirees
Article 43: Beginning of granting retirement benefit
Article 44: ETEAM insured persons
Article 45: Retirement benefits for special insured categories of ETEAM
Article 46: Insurance for workers with working contracts in Organizations of Local Self-governance
Article 47: Solidarity Fund for Public Sector Employees
Article 48: Illness insurance
CHAPTER C - OAEE Provisions
Article 49: Application for retirement benefit without relinquishing the employment activity
Article 50: Temporary disability benefit without relinquishing the employment activity
Article 51: Insurance for drivers of vehicles of public use
Article 52: Registration of insured in the former Drivers' Retirement Fund (TSA) to the insured categories of the Insurance Organization for the Liberal Professions (O.A.E.E.)
Article 53: Special Provisions for the O.A.E.E.
Article 54: Retirement conditions for the categories of seafarers and tourist agents of O.A.E.E.
Article 55: Parallel insurance - Retirement for the insured in the former Solidarity Fund of Hoteliers
Article 56: Insurance for the members of agricultural collectivities
CHAPTER D - Provisions of the United Fund and Independent Workers (E.T.A.A.)
Article 57: Submission of the contributions to the Health Directorates of E.T.A.A. by the insured and their employers
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