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Original name: Νόμος Υπ'Αριθμ. 3896: Εφαρμογή της αρχής των ίσων ευκαιριών και της ίσης μεταχείρισης ανδρών και γυναικών σε θέματα εργασίας και απασχόλησης - Εναρμόνιση της κείμενης νομοθεσίας με την Οδηγία 2006/54/ΕΚ του Ευρωπαϊκού Κοινοβουλίου και του Συμβουλίου, της 5ης Ιουλίου 2006 και άλλες συναφείς διατάξεις
Name: Law No. 3896 of 2010 concerning the application of the principle of equal opportunity and treatment of men and women in terms of employment.
Country: Greece
Subject(s): Equality of opportunity and treatment
Type of legislation: Law, Act
Adopted on: 2010-12-06
Entry into force:
Published on: Efimeris tis Kivernisseos, 2010-12-06, Part A, No. 207, pp. 4353-4364 (Text in Greek)
ISN: GRC-2010-L-86905
Bibliography: Efimeris tis Kivernisseos, 2010-12-06, Part A, No. 207, pp. 4353-4364 Text in Greek Text in Greek
Abstract/Citation: Chapter I - Integrating the Provisions of Directive 2006/54/EC into the Hellenic national legislation
Title I - General Provisions
Article 1: Purpose
Article 2: Definitions
Article 3: Principle of equal treatment - Elimination of discrimination

Title II - Specific Provisions
Section A - Equality of remuneration between women and men
Article 4: Elimination of discrimination related to remuneration

Section B - Equal treatment in employment systems of social insurance
Article 5: Area of implementation
Article 6: Range of prohibition
Article 7: Cases of discrimination
Article 8: Implementation related to self-employed
Article 9: Retroactive implementation related to salaried workers
Article 10: Changeable age of retirement

Section C - Equal treatment in terms of access to employment, professional promotion and training, as well as working conditions
Article 11: Access to employment - Recruitment conditions
Article 12: Conditions and rules of employment - Professional promotion
Article 13: Vocational guidance, training, and education
Article 14: Termination of employment relation - Protection against retaliation acts
Article 15: Membership in associations and organizations
Article 16: Return to work after maternity leave

Chapter II - Measures for the application of the principle of equal opportunity and treatment of men and women in terms of employment
Article 17: Area of implementation
Article 18: Discrimination because of parental permission of upbringing and adoption
Article 19: Positive measures
Article 20: Maternity, Paternity and Family protection
Article 21: Marriage and children benefits
Article 22: Legal protection
Article 23: Civic, administrative and penal santions
Article 24: Validity of proof
Article 25: Inspection and promotion service of the principle of equal opportunity and treatment of men and women
Article 26: Obligation of information and data dissemination
Article 27: Department of gender equality under the Higher Council of Employment
Article 28: Issues related to Services of gender equality of the Ministry of Employment and Social Security
Article 29: Social Dialogue

Chapter III - Repealed and Final Provisions
Article 30: Repealed provisions
Articles 31,32: Extraordinary economic aid to low-income pensioners
Articles 33,34,35,36: Termination of employment, and sanctions
Article 37: Vocational training for persons with disabilities
Article 38: Date of entry into force

Repealed: paras 4 and 5 of article 4 of Law 1414/1984
Repealed: Law 3488 of 2006 apart from the provisions in para 7 of article 13, and the provisions of articles 21 and 23
Repealed: Provisions related to collective agreements and arbitrary decisions of the Law 1876/1990, of internal regulations of companies and individual contracts, in case they contradict the current provisions.
Repealed: Presidential decree 105/2003

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