RMG Centre of Excellence (COE) Project

The RMG Center of Excellence (COE) Project is designed to establish in Bangladesh a replicable model of an industry-driven training and support services Centre of Excellence (COE) for the Ready Made Garment sector. This will implement certified training within the national skills development policy (NSDP) of Bangladesh.

The project demonstrates that with an industry-based training focus, an initiative can effectively increase employability and drive higher incomes for the working poor. The project will also deliver training and certification for instructors, industry trainers and assessors as well as briefings for managers and executives of enterprises. Consistent with employment in the industry, the majority of beneficiaries will be women and there is a target of 5% for people with disabilities.

As a model, the Centre will demonstrate a sustainable, self-funded approach to coordinating training and labour market expertise and investment amongst a group of enterprises and training providers, within the framework of Bangladesh’s skills and labour policies and institutions.

Four goals for the project are to:

1.Establish a Centre of Excellence that facilitates enhanced employer engagement in training
2.Increase the training capacities of TTCs, TSCs, NGOs and enterprises
3.Increase the use of assessment and certification in the Ready Made Garment sector, linked to better documentation
4.Improve access of disadvantaged groups and the working poor to training and higher incomes

The above goals will be achieved by bringing key industry associations (BGMEA, BKMEA, BTMA) and relevant stakeholders (local industry, buyers, worker representatives and government) together to form a Centre of Excellence for Bangladesh Apparel Industries. This would act as the nodal agency for not only skills development, but also research & planning of the Ready Made Garment Sector for future direction.