Undeclared work in Ukraine and labour inspection measures

A workshop was organized within the framework of an ILO Project with the objective to develop and test a pilot labour inspection campaign against undeclared work in selected region(s)/sector(s) in collaboration with other stakeholders.

The workshop, which was the first of similar events, contributed to the following outcomes:

• The objective and expected outcomes of labour inspection campaign were identified and agreed
• The key actions to be taken and measurable indicators of progress have been identified and agreed
• Monitoring and reporting tools to be developed were identified
• The gaps in legal framework and others were identified
• The plan for preparatory phase was drafted, the tasks for the stakeholders and international consultant were identified

Mr. Arsenio Fernandez Rodriguez,
Ms. Maria de Fátima Pisco, Labour inspector, Portuguese Labour Inspection, Central Office, Department for Labour Inspection Support
Mr. Olexandr Tsymbal, National Institute for Strategic Studies, Head of the Department of Social Security