Conference on Pension Reform in Serbia

In the context of the global economic crisis and in the long-term trend of aging population, Serbia is facing a challenge of sustaining the pension system while ensuring basic minimum benefits to protect the workers and their families. Pension reform is high on the national agenda in Serbia. Following amendments of the existing law, development of a new law on pension system is currently underway.

To support the process to develop policy and strategy for pension reform, the ILO, in cooperation with the Serbian government, workers' and employers' organizations, hosted a Conference on Pension Reform in Belgrade, Serbia, on 24-25 September 2009.

The conference brought together the Serbian tripartite stakeholders and experts in social security from Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovak Republic, Slovenia and Poland as well as academe and international organizations.

Participants of the conference shared good practices and lessons in pension reforms and their implementation based on regional and international experiences, and discussed the key issues in the future pension system in Serbia through dialogue with a wide range of stakeholders.