Labour Inspection

Effective communication training for labour inspectors in Ukraine

New techniques to promote transition to formal employment.

Press release | 05 July 2017
ILO-Budapest - Within the ILO Project “Strengthening effectiveness of the labour inspection system and of social dialogue mechanism” effective communication trainings were conducted in the Cherkassy, Lviv, Odessa and Kherson regions of Ukraine, where labour inspection campaigns are being piloted to deter undeclared work.

The trainings are expected to help increase effectiveness of labour inspectors’ efforts to prevent workers and employers from practicing undeclared work and to promote transition from informal to formal employment.
The trainees practiced new techniques of communication with employers and workers as well as with the partner institutions, employers’ organizations and trade unions.

Written and video training tools for labour inspectors will be prepared in the coming months and integrated in the distance learning course for labour inspectors in all regions of Ukraine. 

For more information, please contact Sofia Lytvyn at or at +38 044 289 85 28 (Ukrainian, English).