ILO Budapest Newsletter 2023 July

The newsletter covers the support the ILO CEE Office gave to Ukraine during the war, recent results in Albania, the Youth Guarantee in the Western Balkans, and new projects recently signed by the office. It is an important development that the Office also serves Georgia as of July 2023. In addition, we introduce fresh publications and newly joined staff.

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Note from the editor 

The ILO documented the impact of the war on labour markets as well as on ILO constituents in Ukraine in detail. Two high level visits of the Ukrainian government and social partners to the ILO from April and June confirmed that their priorities remain the fight against poverty; the return to employment of veterans, internally displaced persons and persons with a disability; and the reform of the pension system.  ILO efforts to mobilize additional resources for the recovery of Ukraine start to pay off, with signing a new contract with the Government of Canada.  The recently approved budget for the new biennium 2024/25 foresees the establishment of a fully-fledged ILO country office.  The Office will serve Georgia as of July 2023. 

Beneficiary story

Anduela Simaku, lawyer at the National Conciliation Office of Albania, a tripartite body settling labour disputes outside courts. She participated in settling a labour dispute between the management of a manufacturing company and its 250 workers.

In focus: Ukraine

Despite the war Ukraine keeps up the reform process: addressing the gender pay gap is high on agenda
The Government of Ukraine, with the personal support of Olena Zelenska, the First Lady of Ukraine, presented the National Strategy and Action Plan to reduce the gender pay gap in the country.

Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant workers subjected to forced labour by Russian forces, say trade unions
A joint briefing paper by the ILO and the global union federation IndustriALL outlines details from trade union reports of rights violations of the workers of the nuclear power plant. 

“Ukraine works!” 5-year ILO project closes with improved occupational health and safety standards and more effective State Labour Inspectorate
The EU-funded project also had to respond to challenges posed by the war of the Russian Federation against Ukraine. 

Video: ILO support to Ukraine during the war 

New results

VIDEO: ILO training to improve productivity and working conditions in small and medium enterprises in Albania

VIDEO: Ema Andrea, actress and professor of art in Tirana on why mediation and conciliation should be a recourse in labour disputes in Albania

VIDEO: Meet the Manager: Quick intro on the Youth Guarantee in the Western Balkans

New country in focus

The ILO Office will also serve Georgia as of July 2023. 

Fresh off the printing press

Minimum wage and wage policies in the Republic of Moldova

The reform of the social assistance programme in Albania - improvements and future challenges

Staff news