ILO Budapest Newsletter 2021 June

This issue reports on ILO response to the COVID-19 pandemic in the Central and Eastern European region. It introduces beneficiary stories, programme results and new projects, and features ILO CEE collaborations, fresh publications and new staff.

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How did the ILO help? Stories of our beneficiaries


ILO CEE signed an agreement with the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) on promoting fact based information on labour migration in the EU and the Western Balkans that serves the interests of sending and receiving countries as well as the migrants. The core funding comes from the European Union. Th office started another interesting project on activating women for the labour market in Montenegro with support of the EU. 


Weathering the storm: Montenegrin Employers' organization helps Government in shaping COVID-19 policy response
The ILO supported the Montenegrin Employers Federation to conduct a second survey to track the impact of the crisis on enterprises, and to assess the effectiveness of government measures. The Government included some of the proposed support measures in the latest COVID-19 response package.

North Macedonia extends wage support to enterprises as COVID-19 pandemic enters the third wave
With ILO support, the Organization of Employers of Macedonia and the Business Confederation of Macedonia conducted a second countrywide enterprise survey to track business challenges and needs resulting from the protracted COVID-19 crisis. Based on the evidence collected through the survey, the Government decided to extend the wage subsidy schemes for enterprises. 

VIDEO: ILO provides cash transfers for female textile workers dismissed because of the COVID-19 pandemic in Albania

Through the “Empowering Women Against COVID-19” project, financed by the Government of Sweden, the ILO provided cash transfers for dismissed female workers, and supported ten textile and footwear companies to establish healthy and safe conditions in the workplace. 


Slovenia and the Republic of Moldova sign ILO Conventions
Slovenia signed ILO Home Work Convention No. 177, which aims to promote and protect the rights of those who work at home. Moldova pledged safer and healthier workplaces by signing ILO Convention No. 161. 


Activate Women! Getting women back to the labour market after COVID-19 in Montenegro
The project, funded by the EU, promotes the inclusion of women in the labour market. 

E-MINDFUL: Changing the European narrative on labour migration

This new project is implemented by OSCE and the ILO with support from the EU, Germany and Italy. The objective is to contribute to evidence-based communication on opportunities and risks of labour migration, and to overcome the polarized public discourse on migration and migrants.

Better employment opportunities for asylum seekers in Albania
The project, funded by UNHCR, aims to improve labour market opportunities for refugees in Albania.


VIDEO Meet the Specialists: Empoyment creation and Workers' organizations
Daniela Zampini, ILO Employment Specialist and Magnus Berge, Workers' organizations Specialist give us a taste of the services they offer and the results they are most proud of.


“Building a conducive environment for collaboration is key” — Interview with Peter Lundberg, UN Resident Coordinator in Montenegro
The ILO asked the new Resident Coordinator about the UN response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the assistance ILO can provide for Montenegro, and about how he sees his role after 4 months in the position. 


Non-standard forms of employment in selected countries in Central and Eastern Europe. A critical glance into regulation and implementation

Occupational Safety and Health Profile. Strengthening occupational safety and health management and social dialogue in Kosovo (also in Albanian and Serbian)

Review of social protection system in Albania (also in Albanian)

Fiscal space for financing social protection in Albania (also in Albanian)

Sweetening the potential for decent work. A market systems analysis of the honey sector in the Republic of Moldova (also in Romanian)

A synergy of growth and employment opportunities. A market systems analysis of the berry sector in the Republic of Moldova (also in Romanian)

Evolving challenges and expectations facing Macedonian enterprises during the COVID-19 pandemic

Collective bargaining in Germany and Ukraine: Lessons learned and recommendations for Ukraine (also in Ukrainian)

e-Estonia: A digital society for the transition to formality