ILO Budapest Newsletter 2020 February

This issue reports on ILO programme results in the Central and Eastern European region, introduces new projects, features new publications and new staff. In focus: the new ILO report on the Ukrainian pension system, and youth employment trends in the Western Balkans with ILO policy guidance.

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The Ukrainian pension system at crossroads: key policy messages from a recent ILO report
In 2017, the Ukrainian Government adopted a pension reform that increased the level of pensions but severely restricted future pensions. The recent ILO report offers an analysis of the Ukrainian pension system and develops policy recommendations.

Take an HIV test and keep sailing! ILO promotes HIV/AIDS awareness among seafarers 
Ukraine remains among the European countries most affected by HIV and AIDS. ILO works with a maritime trade union to combat the disease among seafarers.

Ukraine grants loans to entrepreneurs and opts for ILO business training package
The Ukrainian Government launched a large loan programme for small enterprises and chose ILO's Start and Improve Your Business programme as recommended training product to prepare strong loan applications.

"Social dialogue is the best tool to balance conflicting interests"-- Interview with Angel Dimitrov, President of the Organization of Employers of Macedonia 
ILO asked Mr. Dimitrov to assess how social dialogue works in North Macedonia from the employers' perspective.

Show me the numbers: collecting and sharing data for safer work in Albania 
In Albania, work accidents are among the top five causes of unnatural deaths. We asked Arben Seferaj, General Director of the State Labour Inspectorate about their new data platform, upgraded with ILO assistance last year.

Meet our iTrack-Skills: Artificial Intelligence for tracing TVET students 
iTrack-Skills is an interactive tool for tracing the labour market transition of graduates. iTrack Skills was developed by the ILO and is being piloted in Montenegro.

Activation strategies targeting young welfare beneficiaries: An ILO ‘how to’ guide based on the ongoing experience in Montenegro (part 1) 
In this new article series, we look at the critical dimensions of a pilot welfare-to-work programme targeting young people.


Activate!Youth in Montenegro 
This two-year project (a joint UN action) will support Montenegro to bring youth back to the labour market through better activation programmes and services. 

Entrepreneurship training for youth in Ukraine
This ILO intervention, funded by the Czech Government aims to create more and better jobs by targeting youth with low educational attainment and limited work experience.


Is youth employment improving in the Western Balkans? 5 key trends to guide decision-makers in 2020 
We offer policy guidance to interpret the conflicting signals from the labour market related to youth employment.  


What does the new WORLD EMPLOYMENT AND SOCIAL OUTLOOK 2020 report say about Central and Eastern Europe?

Future of the Ukrainian Pension System: Adequacy, Coverage and Sustainability (English and Ukrainian)

"I couldn't wait to get started" -- Voices from inclusive workplaces in Serbia. Good practice guide for the employment of persons with disabilities  (English and Serbian)

Conducting labour inspections on construction. A guide for labour inspectors (Serbian edition)


From the labour market integration of Roma and the unintended consequences of EU accession negotiations in the Western Balkans to how fast and slow thinking drive our actions--colleagues share their recent reading inspirations.


Ada Huibregtse joined as Project Manager for the Economic and Social Affairs Platform project funded by the EU.


Top 10 ILO trainings on TVET and Skills Development in 2020
These courses will equip you with in-depth knowledge for shaping and reforming Technical and Vocational Training and Education (TVET), applying Dual Education and introducing innovative technologies.