ILO Budapest Newsletter 2018 June

This issue reports on ILO programme developments and new projects in the Central and Eastern European region.

2018 June full issue online


Timeline of ILO in Central and Eastern Europe 1993-2018

Project news

FYR Macedonia: website launched to guide youth in career choices

The web platform Occupational Outlook is product of an ILO project. It was created to inform young people about occupations and sectors that offer sound career prospects.

Is small still beautiful? ILO supports FYR Macedonia in coming out with new small enterprise strategy

The Ministry of Economy adopted a new strategy and an action plan to support the growth of small and medium sized enterprises, which are a major job creation engine.

A new collective agreement in the textile industry in Moldova

A new collective agreement covering 23,000 workers provides for a 5 per cent increase of the branch minimum wage, and for the first time a negotiated wage scale better aligned to the job structure of the industry. 

Making social dialogue work at the factory floor in the Bulgarian textile industry

With support of the ILO, three global brands from the garment industry and their Bulgarian suppliers met, placing fundamental rights at work at the center of the sustainability strategies.

Bulgaria goes for ILO Minimum Wage Convention

By signing the Minimum Wage Convention, Bulgaria commits to establish a system of fixing and adjusting minimum wages with an overall objective to improve standards of living in the country.

Peer-to-peer learning at work: Montenegro Government delegation visits ILO project on local employment partnerships in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Montenegrin delegation wanted to learn how to adapt local partnerships for employment promotion, which proved to be a successful approach to create jobs.

ILO supports regional conference to shape future of welfare state in the Western Balkans

The conference created a new regional platform to explore challenges and showcase policies that lead to better governance and quality of life for citizens.

New project: Labour market inclusion of persons with disabilities in Serbia

The project will work towards ensuring that persons with disabilities can participate in the labour market on an equal basis with others.

New project: Enhancing jobs and schooling decisions of Moldovan youth

ILO will introduce a web and application tool to fill information gaps young Moldovans face when making schooling and job decisions.

New project: Local level solutions through employment partnerships in Moldova

The project aims at improving employment policies with a focus on women and youth. 

In Focus

Work health and safety with the eyes of a child: drawing contest to build culture of safety in Ukraine

Labour Safety Magazine organized an annual drawing contest in partnership with ILO to raise awareness among children and youth about work-related safety and health issues.

How the ILO helps to prevent mining accidents in Ukraine

Ukraine is among the countries with the highest rates of work accidents in mines. ILO trained miners on the prevention of accidents.

Fresh off the printing press

Roma women in the world of work in the Republic of Moldova

The study describes some of the major labour market challenges Roma women face at the abour market market.

Promoting decent work opportunities for Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian youth in Kosovo

The Resource Guide presents good practices in the field of labour market inclusion of young people, especially Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian.

Women in business and management: Gaining momentum in Eastern Europe and Central Asia

The ILO report says women’s labour force participation would bring significant economic and business growth to the region.

Women and men in the informal economy: A statistical picture

The publication provides for the first time comparable estimates on the size of the informal economy and a statistical profile of informality in all its diversity at the global and regional levels.

Staff news

New staff joined the team in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ukraine and the office in Budapest.