ILO Country Office in Ukraine

Ms Aida Lindmeier, Director

Mr Sergiy Savchuk, National Coordinator 

75 Zhylianska Str., PO Box 20

Tel : +38 067 413 6661
Email :
Website :
The ILO Decent Work Technical Support Team and Country Office for Central and Eastern Europe provides technical support to the ILO Country Office in Ukraine. 

The ILO and Ukraine

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    About the ILO in Ukraine

    Ukraine has been an ILO member state since 1954 and was declared independent in 1991. The ILO Office for Central and Eastern Europe started working with Ukraine from 1996, marking a new period of enhanced collaboration between the ILO and Ukraine. The ILO Governing Body decision to open an ILO Country Office in Kyiv in 2024 represents a new milestone in ILO support to Ukraine.

    To date, Ukraine has ratified 72 ILO Conventions, of which 61 are in force, including nine fundamental and four priority Conventions. The ratification by Ukraine of the ILO Chemicals Convention, 1990 (No. 170) in 2023 marked a strong adherence to international labour standards by the Ukrainian tripartite constituents and their commitment to modernize the legal framework and institutional setup despite the hardships of the ongoing war.  Continue reading