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    About the ILO in Poland

    Success story with challenge of labour shortage and high job insecurity

    The transition of Poland in the last three decades is considered to be a development success story. The country moved from middle to high income status in less than 15 years and joined the group of high income countries in the mid-2000s. The economy expanded rapidly with growth rates of 4 to 5% per year, job and income growth were broad-based, and prosperity was shared.

    Labour markets benefited from this developments and experienced an impressive turnaround. While unemployment was still at 20% in 2000 the country has currently one of the lowest unemployment rates in Europe at 3.5% in 2019. 

    The current key labour market challenge is a quickly ageing workforce and relatively low labour force participation rates resulting in a shortage of labour that could become a major growth hurdle. Further challenges are high job insecurity with Poland having the highest share of temporary and atypical contracts in Europe and a high gender pay and employment gap , caused mostly by the low availability of child care. Continue reading