National Coordinator

Mr Emil Krstanovski

Dame Gruev 14
Building of the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy

Skopje 1000
Republic of North Macedonia

Tel : +389 70 218 510
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The Republic of North Macedonia is under the responsibility of the ILO Decent Work Technical Support Team and Country Office for Central and Eastern Europe

The ILO and the Republic of North Macedonia

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    About the ILO in the Republic of North Macedonia

    The Covid-19 crisis exposed labour market challenges and opportunities

    Two years of the Covid -19 pandemic hit the Macedonian labour market after a decade of continuous improvements. While the economy recovered faster than expected from the Covid-19 pandemic (GDP growth rate in 2020: -4,5 percent, in 2021: +4 percent, est.), the much-needed recovery of labour markets is lagging. Working-hour losses in North Macedonia have generally been higher than in other Western Balkan economies. According to Labour Force Survey data, the working-hour losses displayed high volatility during the pandemic and increased from 8.3 per cent in Q1-2020 to 23.8 percent in Q2-2020 due to strict containment measures. Since the second half of 2020, data show a recovery of working hours, but as per mid 2021 working hours are still lower than in pre-pandemic times (-5.2 percent in Q2-2021 compared to Q2-2019).    Continue reading