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    How to keep the lights on -- Medium and large companies left without support on liberalized energy market in North Macedonia

    10 March 2023

    The high cost of doing business, mainly caused by a sharp increase of energy prices, has eroded the competitive capacity of Macedonian enterprises, according to a recent enterprise survey the Organization of Employers of Macedonia carried out with ILO support.

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    What are the proven means to reduce informality?

    09 February 2023

    In our series of interviews with leading researchers, economists and policymakers, we interviewed Professor Ioana Alexandra Horodnic, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, "Alexandru Ioan Cuza" University of Iași, Romania on how informality (including “envelope wages”) affects workers and society, and what measures work best in reducing it.

  3. ILO Budapest Newsletter 2022 December

    08 December 2022

    This issue reports on the ILO response to the crisis caused by the war against Ukraine. The ILO published its service offer for the recovery and reconstruction of Ukraine through decent work promotion. The newsletter also introduces new beneficiary stories, programme results and a new project, a fresh publication and new staff.

  4. ILO Budapest team reunites and plans for future

    27 October 2022

    After almost three years, staff from across the region gathered for a workshop focused on addressing future challenges.​

  5. Peak-level social dialogue and COVID-19: The European experience

    11 October 2022

    This report outlines the role social dialogue played in designing response measures to the COVID-19 pandemic. Through six country case studies, it shows the value of social dialogue in times of crisis, and the pitfalls when dialogue did not take place.

  6. ILO Budapest Newsletter 2022 September

    22 September 2022

    This issue, among others, reports on the ILO response to the crisis caused by the war against Ukraine. With ILO support, workers' and employers' organisations from Ukraine continue to provide emergency aid to internally displaced people and to enterprises that had to relocate. The ILO expanded collaboration with the State Labour Inspectorate of Ukraine on informing Ukrainian refugees on the risks of human trafficking and labour exploitation. The newsletter also introduces programme results and new projects. fresh publications and new staff.

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    ITUC Global Rights Index 2022 shows that many workers in Central and Eastern Europe have no access to rights

    19 July 2022

    In July 2022, the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) released its yearly Global Rights Index. It shows that in Europe, the most frequently violated rights have been the right to strike and the right to bargain collectively. Through ratifications of ILO Conventions, governments of Central and Eastern Europe made obligations to implement workers’ rights. In reality, many workers face obstacles in accessing their rights.

  8. ILO Budapest Newsletter 2022 June

    23 June 2022

    This issue, first and foremost, reports on ILO response to the crisis caused by the war against Ukraine. The ILO, with the support of its funding partners, repurposed several projects in Ukraine to respond to the most urgent humanitarian and employment-related needs. The newsletter introduces programme results and new projects. fresh publications and new staff.

  9. Product/service offer: Informality

    18 May 2022

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    North Macedonia: Raising the minimum wage to combat working poverty

    26 April 2022

    The Government of North Macedonia recently raised the legal minimum wage by 18% to 18,000 denars (290 EUR). Almost one out of five workers in the Southeast European country will benefit from this increase. The ILO provided technical assistance and supported discussions of government and social partners.