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  1. Desk review of research on HIV/AIDS in the world of work

    31 July 2012

    This desk review was conducted by ILO/AIDS as part of the Inter-Agency Task Team on HIV workplace policies/programmes and private sector engagement (IATT/WPPS). It is based primarily on the research documents shared by the IATT members, covering vulnerability studies, stigma and discrimination studies, impact and cost-benefit studies.

  2. The Impact of the Crisis on Work Inequalities and Wages in Europe

    The International Labour Organization is organizing a press conference and presentation of recently published ILO books on Work Inequalities in the Crisis: Evidence from Europe and The Impact of the Crisis on Wages in South-East Europe and Hungary.

  3. Estonia

    29 May 2011

  4. Victims of trafficking for forced labour are difficult to identify, HEUNI says

    01 May 2011

    A new three country study takes a comprehensive look at trafficking for forced labour in Finland, Poland and Estonia. The study shows that the level of awareness of trafficking for forced labour is generally low in the three countries, and situations of exploitation are difficult for authorities and other actors to identify.

  5. Chemical Exposure Limits

    16 February 2011

    Recommended or mandatory occupational exposure limits (OELs) have been developed in many countries for airborne exposure to gases, vapours and particulates. The most widely used limits, called threshold limit values (TLVs), are those issued in the United States of America by the American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists (ACGIH).

  6. Skills for green jobs in Estonia

    25 June 2010

    Background country study

  7. ILO marks its 90th anniversary with social dialogue for decent work and a fair globalization in Central and Eastern Europe

    Amid the worst financial and jobs crisis since the Great Depression, the International Labour Organization (ILO) marked its 90th anniversary in the week of 21-28 April and in September 2009. During this period, there was a global convergence on the common theme of social dialogue for decent work and a fair globalization in commemorative events in more than 100 countries across the world.

  8. Occupational Safety and Health Act of 16 June 1999 (as amended up to 18 June 2009, unofficial English translation

    18 June 2009

  9. Employment Contracts Act of 17 December 2008, unofficial English translation

    17 December 2008

  10. Government, National Health Plan 2009–2020, 2008 (amended in 2012), 80 p.

    01 December 2008