Infopoint lunchtime conference

Women in the health workforce

Seizing the gender dividend across the sustainable development goals

200 million workers contribute to the health and social sector, one of the biggest and fastest growing employers of women. Women represent 70% of the global health workforce. Yet, half of women’s contribution to global health is unpaid. Without action, health coverage expansion may be thwarted by a shortfall of 18 million health workers. The ILO-OECD-WHO Working for Health programme in collaboration with the Global Health Workforce Network Gender Equity Hub aims to accelerate the expansion and transformation of the health and social workforce.

On 7 March, from 12.30-14.00, the European Commission is organizing an infopoint session to explore the gender dividend and the SDG gains that lie within grasp through investments into the health and social workforce.

We warmly invite you to this conference. Registration is required.



Aida Liha Matejicek, Head of Unit, DEVCO B4 - Culture, Education, Health


Tana Wuliji, Technical officer, Health Workforce Department, World Health Organization

Irene Wintermayr, Policy and Programme Officer, International Labour Organization, Brussels

Ann Keeling, Women in Global Health, Global Health Workforce Network Gender Equity Hub