Labour exploitation

Severe labour exploitation in the EU

FRA will launch the report from its ‘Severe labour exploitation in the EU’ project at a high-level event at the Council of the EU on 2 June in Brussels.

Consumers are often unaware that the food they eat or the clothes they buy may have been produced by people working under conditions of severe labour exploitation. A new report by the EU Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA) shows that while the EU has legislation prohibiting certain forms of severe labour exploitation, workers moving within or migrating to the EU are at risk of becoming victims.
ILO participated in the launch event and welcomed the report. At the event the ILO also informed about the newly adopted international legally binding instrument – Protocol 29 Supplementing ILO Convention 29 Forced Labour- which asks ratifying ILO member states to take measures to prevent forced labour and trafficking and to provide protection and access to remedy, including compensation, to all victims of forced labour.