ILO Director-general visits the Netherlands

Guy Ryder to address Dutch conference on labour and industrial relations

The ILO Director-General Guy Ryder will address the "SZW Congres 2013", a conference organized by the Dutch Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment on 25 March 2013.

News | The Hague | 08 March 2013
At the SZW Congres, 700 decision makers, managers, academics and opinion leaders will discuss the challenges faced by the Netherlands in the field of industrial relations and the labour market.

The open European borders and  new economic dynamics have made some sectors grow and others shrink, influencing Dutch employment structures and industrial relations. These new circumstances call for reflection on employment and social security in the 21st century:
  • How do we ensure that employers and workers find a good balance between flexibility and security in a changing labour market?
  • How do we ensure that groups of people with a weak labor market position, can be kept in the labor market?
  • What can different parties, individual companies, social partners, education and the government do to ensure that the Netherlands is ready to respond to these new developments?
In the plenary program, keynote speakers, including the ILO Director-General, will address these questions. In different parallel sessions, some topics are further elaborated thematically: flexibility and security; labour mobility within Europe, balance between generations, business responses to the shortage of well-trained skilled workers.

Guy Ryder will speak about the ILO's role in shaping a better world of work.