Caritas Europa High-Level Conference: "The Growing Crisis in Europe. Is the EU capable of an effective response?"

Caritas Europa is organizing a discussion with high-level EU Officials and Civil Society experts about the future direction of the EU's response to the crisis.

Participants will explore the deepening levels of social distress in Europe and will assess the adequacy of the EU's mechanisms and policy responses to date - including the Europe 2020 Strategy's European Semester and the EU's austerity approach through the Stabilisation Mechanisms.

Rudi Delarue, Director of the ILO-Brussels Office, will participate in the panel on "What is the most effective response the EU can adopt to the crisis. Should austerity be part of the response?". Other panellists are Ms Elena Flores (European Commission, DG Economic and Financial Affairs),  Dr. Sean Healy (Social Justice Ireland), Mr Frank Vandenbroucke (KU Leuven University), and Mr Philippe Lamberts (MEP Green/ALE).