The ILO Office for the European Union and the Benelux countries represents the ILO in the Netherlands. It maintains relations and regular contact with:
Social partners at the national level:

Workers’ organizations: CNV, FNV, VCP
Employers’ organizations: VNO/NCW

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The Netherlands is a long-standing partner in promoting decent work for all. Learn more about the Member State's contribution to ILO development cooperation projects.


New ILO Publication: Access to protection and remedy for victims of human trafficking for the purpose of labour exploitation in Belgium and the Netherlands

The Netherlands becomes a pathfinder country of Alliance 8.7, the first EU Member State to do so

The Netherlands marks the ILO centenary with the ratification of the Work in Fishing Convention, 2007 (No. 188)

The Netherlands supports the PROSPECTS partnership, a joint action to support refugees and host communities

The Netherlands celebrates 100 years ILO