1. The Informal Economy and Decent Work: A Policy Resource Guide supporting transitions to formality

    15 May 2013

    This practical Policy Resource Guide is the first initiative to bring together a synthesis of knowledge, policy innovations and good practices facilitating transition to formality.

  2. Tricked and Trapped: Human Trafficking in the Middle East

    09 April 2013

    This study sheds light on the situation of trafficked adult workers in the Middle East, both women and men. It analyses the complex processes by which vulnerable migrant workers are tricked and trapped into forced labour in various types of work in the region, and the constraints that prevent them from leaving.

  3. Legal review, conformity assessment and priority-setting of HIV and AIDS and the World of Work in Lebanon

    07 April 2013

    This study and report identify the gaps in Lebanese legislation and troubling discrepancies with the ILO’s legal instruments, as well as to provide relevant guidance.

  4. HIV and AIDS and the World of Work: Legislative framework review for Jordan

    07 April 2013

    The scope of this study is limited geographically to Jordan and thematically to a strictly legal analysis of the policies and practices affecting people living with HIV and the workplace in Jordan.

  5. National Tripartite Policy on HIV and AIDS and the World of Work: Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

    07 April 2013

    This policy is linked to national plans and policies, especially the National Agenda and the National Strategic Plan on HIV and AIDS 2012-2016, in addition to international conventions and the national plans and strategies concerning different groups, including youth, women and children, and reproductive health.

  6. Working children in the Republic of Yemen: The results of the 2010 National Child Labour Survey

    15 January 2013

    The 2010 National Child Labour Survey was designed to provide indicators on three main aspects of children’s lives: economic activity, schooling and unpaid household services. The survey covered 9,571 households containing 67,617 individuals, 23,535 of whom were children between 5 and 17 years of age.


  1. Information Guide for Migrant Domestic Workers in Lebanon

    21 December 2012

    The guide serves to improve the wellbeing of migrant domestic workers in Lebanon. It provides useful and important information before departure and after the workers arrive in Lebanon.

  2. Labour force survey among Palestinian refugees living in camps and gatherings in Lebanon, 2011 (Executive summary)

    20 November 2012

  3. Social justice for a new Arab era: promoting jobs, protection and dialogue in a changing region

    05 November 2012

    Arab states must move towards an inclusive development model of higher productivity and, together with their citizens, forge a new social contract.

  4. Rethinking Economic Growth: Towards Productive and Inclusive Arab Societies

    30 October 2012

    The report examines Arab labour market trends and structures over the two decades leading up to the Arab Spring in 2011, offering insights into the underlying causes for the uprisings that have since spread from Tunisia across the Arab world.