1. Infographic: Changing employers in Qatar

    02 December 2020

    All workers in Qatar can change employers without having to first obtain a No Objection Certificate (NOC). This simple infographic highlights the key elements of the new rules.

  2. Changing Laws and Breaking Barriers for Women’s Economic Empowerment in Egypt, Jordan, Morocco and Tunisia

    10 November 2020

    The OECD, ILO and CAWTAR have joined forces– with the support of numerous local, regional and international experts– to produce this study, which captures the potential of a region on the move towards greater economic empowerment of its women citizens.

  3. Iraq Decent Work Country Programme Update

    09 November 2020

    Overview of ILO-Iraq progress towards Decent Work for all.

  4. COVID-19 in Iraq: Private Sector Impacts

    09 November 2020

    This factsheet presents findings from two assessments on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on households and enterprises in Iraq carried out in June and July of 2020, one-a Panel Study of Small and Medium Enterprises- by IOM, FAO and ITC, and a second one- also a panel study on Small Scale Enterprises- by ILO, FAFO and the Cash Consortium for Iraq (CCI).

  5. Women in managerial and leadership positions in the G20 - Data availability and preliminary findings

    24 October 2020

    Stocktaking report prepared for the Empowerment and Progression of Women's Economic Representation (EMPOWER) under the Saudi G20 Presidency

  6. Skills for Trade and Economic Diversification (STED) in the Chemicals and Cosmetics Manufacturing Sector in Jordan

    16 October 2020

    The report reflects on the positioning of the C&C sector in the Jordanian economy from a skills and labour market perspective.

  7. Skills for Trade and Economic Diversification (STED) in the Garment & Leather Manufacturing Sector in Jordan

    16 October 2020

    This report looks at the positioning of the garment and leather sector in the Jordanian economy from a skills and labour market perspective.

  8. Competency-Based Training (CBT): An Introductory Manual for Practitioners

    12 October 2020

    The overall purpose of this manual is to provide guidance to TVET developers, administrators and instructors on the design, delivery and assessment of competency-based training (CBT) programmes.

  9. Employment Intensive Projects in Lebanon: Guidelines

    07 October 2020

    This document provides guidance on implementing sound EIPs, structured around key guiding principles, including the principles of decent work, and based on global experiences and on emerging good practices from programmes in Lebanon.

  10. Social protection responses to the COVID-19 crisis in the MENA/Arab States region

    01 October 2020

    This policy brief provides a summary of the main social protection measures that were adopted by the countries in the MENA/Arab States region in immediate response to the pandemic. The brief maps the social protection measures, benefits and services which were provided by the governments and UN agencies for nationals and non-nationals, including refugees, of 21 countries in the region.