Adopting Public Works in Iraq: Key Design Considerations for an Effective Programme

The objective of this paper is to outline factors and challenges that need to be taken into account in designing and integrating a public works programme within the social protection landscape in Iraq, in line with the Government of Iraq’s objectives and informed by international best practices.

A position paper was recently published by the UN outlining a vision for the establishment of a social protection floor, based on the key principles of inclusivity, adequacy, and intergenerational equity. The paper highlights the importance of adopting a lifecycle approach, to achieve a comprehensive and coherent social protection system that covers key vulnerabilities individuals face over the course of their lifetime.

This paper aims to complement that position paper by discussing how a public works programme may fit within the social protection landscape in Iraq, how relevant such a programme is to the Government’s objectives, with the primary purpose of highlighting key design considerations to ensure such a programme reaches its full potential, drawing on international experience.

This document was produced under the Social Protection Programme for Iraq: Leveraging Effective Response and Accelerating Reform, which is supported by the European Union.