Sexual, Reproductive and Mental Health Training of Trainers in the Garment Sector: Training Manual

The Better Work Jordan Mental Health project has developed this training of trainers (TOT) manual on sexual, reproductive and mental health. The training manual is designed to guide 12 training sessions over five days, and can be adapted for shorter training periods as needed. Each day covers a different area of Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) integration, with the order and flow of sessions designed to relate to each other.

This manual is intended to assist trainers in providing training and passing on information as effectively and efficiently as possible, to build capacities to address issues related to SRH for migrant workers in garment sector factories. The main purpose of the training is to qualify participants to provide safe, respectful, and friendly information on sexual and reproductive health and related topics to migrant workers, and encourage them to use the health knowledge and services with confidence.