ILO’s Voluntary Core Contributions (RBSA): Success stories from the Arab States

In the Arab States, the ILO has allocated RBSA funds amounting to more than USD 8 million to promote the Decent Work Agenda on both regional and country levels in a host of ways in the 2008-2015 period. RBSA funds allowed the ILO to conduct a variety of activities, funding more than 40 projects on employment, social protection, social dialogue, standards and integration –in short, mainstreaming Decent Work.

Regionally in the Arab States, RBSA has supported policy dialogue, strengthened the institutional capacity of workers’ organizations, and conducted research on best recruitment practises, apprenticeships and employment services for youth employment, among other initiatives.

On the country level, RBSA has funded projects in Jordan, the occupied Palestinian territory (oPt), Lebanon, Syria and Yemen, contributing to eliminating the worst forms of child labour, strengthening social protection, microfinancing decent work and supporting constituents to establish a national Social Protection Floor (SPF), among others initiatives.