Value Chain Analysis

Value Chain Analysis of the in the Olive and Olive Oil sector Governorate of Irbid

This report covers the process and results from the value chain analysis conducted on the olive sector in Irbid Governorate. The exercise was a part of the ILO project ‘Enhancing access to employment and livelihoods for Jordanian host communities affected by the Syrian refugee crises’ in the northern governorates of Jordan.

The value chain analysis was conducted in a participatory manner and led to the identification of a number of constraints and opportunities for developing the sector.

These are grouped into the following categories:
1) Improve quality and increase production with technological upgrading,
2) Market development,
3) Improve support functions and coordination,
4) Improve the enabling environment.

At the end, the report presents an intervention plan for how to address the issues and provide solutions with a view to increasing employment and livelihood opportunities for host communities in the Irbid governorate.