Support the establishment of social protection fund and universal health coverage in Lebanon

The ILO is working with the Lebanese government as well as workers’ and employers’ organizations in the country to identify social security gaps, introduce universal healthcare to tripartite stakeholders and assist in the establishment of a national social protection floor.

An elderly woman in Lebanon works informally as a street hawker selling hand lighters

At present, Lebanon does not have a comprehensive or coherent national social protection policy. Social protection in Lebanon remains fragmented with those employed in the formal economy covered by the National Social Security Fund (NSSF) and those in the informal economy reliant on subsidies and hand-outs. Since 2011, the ILO has been engaged in promoting reform of various social security schemes among tripartite stakeholders in Lebanon in order to work toward the establishment of a social protection floor (SPF).

As part of efforts to establish a SPF in the country, the ILO has launched a self-funded initiative to assist tripartite stakeholders to move towards SPF establishment and provide minimum social security benefits to those not covered by the NSSF. To do so the ILO will conduct appropriate evidence-based research to identify reforms required to close social security gaps, introduce universal healthcare to tripartite stakeholders and assist in the establishment of a national SPF.


  • Endorse a new pension scheme amongst tripartite stakeholders and submit the scheme to the Council of Ministers for adoption;
  • endorse the implementation of a national social protection floor among tripartite stakeholders; and
  • put in place a mechanism for the establishment of a SPF; and
  • introduce the concept of universal healthcare to tripartite stakeholders.

Main Activities

  • Discuss and endorse an actuarial assessment of a previously pension scheme drafted by the ILO among tripartite stakeholders;
  • provide technical advisory services such as policy research and legal assistance to tripartite stakeholders on the drafting of the new pension scheme;
  • conduct a mapping exercise of all social protection schemes and provisions for nationals and Syrian refugees in Lebanon;
  • conduct a costing study for basic social protection benefits in Lebanon using the ILO Rapid Assessment Protocol;
  • conduct a study on extending universal healthcare coverage, including Syrian refugees, and covey the results in a tripartite seminar in collaboration with the WHO and UNHCR;
  • develop a roadmap for the implementation of universal healthcare in Lebanon;
  • establish a National Social Protection Floor Board in Lebanon;
  • develop a roadmap for the implementation of a national SPF in Lebanon; and
  • strengthen the capacity of national tripartite stakeholders to implemented a national SPF in Lebanon.


  • More people have access to better managed and more equitable social security benefits.