Statements and speeches


  1. © Ray Witlin / World Bank 2024

    "Great potential for South-South cooperation to help improve the working lives of millions"

    12 September 2015

    "There is a lot of room for scaling up South-South cooperation and for strengthening interregional cooperation in the global South. Workers and employers and their organizations along with governments all have a role to play in encouraging this expansion," said ILO Director-General Guy Ryder on the occasion of United Nations Day for South-South Cooperation.

  2. Engage young people to solve youth employment

    12 August 2015

    On International Youth Day, ILO Director-General Guy Ryder calls on actors in the world of work to foster the inclusion of young people.

  3. © Pius Mahimbi 2024

    "Indigenous peoples have the right to decent work"

    09 August 2015

    "A better and just future for indigenous peoples demands new and innovative approaches that enhance the visibility of indigenous peoples and pay attention to their concerns, needs and aspirations," said ILO Director-General underlying the role of decent work in ensuring indigenous people's health and well-being.

  4. © Curt Carnemark / World Bank 2024

    “Breastfeeding and Work - Let’s Make it Work!”

    31 July 2015

    "Ensuring adequate maternity protection and time and space for breastfeeding at work is not only the right thing to do, it also makes economic sense," says ILO Director-General Guy Ryder.

  5. Message by ILO Director-General Guy Ryder: “Choose cooperatives, choose equality"

    04 July 2015

  6. © ILO/Luu Van Tien 2024

    Fighting Child Labour with quality education

    12 June 2015

    Statement by Mr. Guy Ryder, Director-General International Labour Organization on the occasion of World Day against Child Labour

  7. © Liang Qiang / World Bank 2024

    Turning the challenges of greening workplaces and economies into opportunities

    05 June 2015

    ILO Director-General statement for World Environment Day 2015.

  8. ILO Director-General: Building a culture of prevention on occupational safety and health

    28 April 2015

  9. © Gates Foundation 2024

    "The future of work must also deal with the future of women at work"

    08 March 2015

    Statement by Guy Ryder, ILO Director-General, on the occasion of International Women’s Day, 8 March 2015.

  10. © Bu ensa / AFP 2024

    “There is no inevitability, no excuse: Forced labour can be stopped”

    20 February 2015

    ILO Director-General Guy Ryder vows ILO leadership in fight against forced labour on World Day of Social Justice.


  1. Joint statement by ILO Director-General, Guy Ryder, and United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein, on the occasion of International Migrants Day

    18 December 2014

  2. © Z. H. Chowdhury / NurPhoto 2024

    Leave no one behind: Working to end poverty

    17 October 2014

    Statement by Guy Ryder, ILO Director-General, on the occasion of the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty.

  3. © UN Photo/Martine Perret 2024

    "Investing in teachers means investing in the future"

    05 October 2014

    Joint message (ILO, UNESCO, UNICEF, UNDP, Education International) for the World Teachers’ Day. 5 October 2014 marks the 20th anniversary of World Teachers’ Day, which commemorates the adoption of the ILO/UNESCO Recommendation concerning the status of teachers in 1966.

  4. © Vano Shlamov / AFP 2024

    "Extending pension coverage and ensuring effective access to health care for older persons is a priority"

    30 September 2014

    On the occasion of the International Day of Older Persons, ILO Director-General, Guy Ryder, underlines the need to address the demographic challenge through integrated employment promotion and social protection policies that build on the virtuous cycle of employment, social protection and development International Labour Organization.

  5. © Pascal Pavani / AFP 2024

    Ryder: "The mental health of young people matters to us all"

    12 August 2014

  6. © UN Photo/Kibae Park 2024

    Bridging the gap: Implementing the rights of indigenous peoples

    08 August 2014

    Message by United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay and ILO Director-General Guy Ryder on the occasion of the International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples

  7. © Yasuyoshi Chiba / AFP 2024

    Message by ILO Director-General Guy Ryder: “Cooperatives for sustainable development"

    05 July 2014

  8. Statement by ILO Director-General Guy Ryder on the occasion of the World Day against Child Labour

    12 June 2014

  9. ILO Director-General's opening remarks to the World of Work Summit on "Developing with Jobs"

    09 June 2014

  10. © Flickr/Kevin Goebel 2024

    Message by Guy Ryder for International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia

    17 May 2014