November 2023

  1. Journalists and students in Kuwait benefit from awareness raising and capacity building activities on labour migration reporting

    19 November 2023

    The FAIRWAY Programme organized a week-long engagement with professional journalists and students from different universities to enhance their knowledge and skills related on the topic of labour migration in Kuwait.

  2. ILO's groundbreaking afforestation project in Kurdistan Region of Iraq boosts sustainable development and decent work

    17 November 2023

    The initiative, funded by the Government of the Netherlands under the PROSPECTS Partnership, aims to address climate challenges and create over 700 short-term jobs for local Iraqis, internally displaced persons (IDPs), and Syrian refugees.

  3. Human security and sustainable development in Iraq and the Arab World: Reality, Challenges, and Ways Forward

    16 November 2023

    A conference organised by the Baghdad-based Bait Al-Hikma think tank, in cooperation with the ILO and several academic entities, focused on issues related to achieving human security and sustainable development and some of the challenges and solutions in Iraq and the region.

  4. The Steering Committee of the EU - MADAD Project, funded by the European Union Concludes its Midterm Evaluation Review.

    13 November 2023

    The Steering Committee of the EU - MADAD Project “Towards an Inclusive National Social Protection System and Accelerating Decent Job Opportunities for Syrians and Vulnerable Jordanians” funded by the European Union Concludes its Midterm Evaluation Review.

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    ILO launches funding appeal to respond to critical needs of Palestinian workers and employers

    09 November 2023

    Funding sought to implement ILO’s three-phase programme to provide immediate relief to impacted groups and support longer-term job and business recovery and social protection.

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    Over 60 per cent of employment has been lost in Gaza since start of current conflict

    06 November 2023

    The ILO has issued its first bulletin on the impact of the current Israel-Hamas conflict on the labour market and livelihoods in the Occupied Palestinian Territory.

October 2023

  1. UN Network on Migration in the Arab Region Holds Dialogue on Climate Change, Just Transition and Labour Mobility

    30 October 2023

    The event gathered stakeholders to share and discuss experiences, practices, gaps and needs for a just transition and how to promote climate-related labour mobility through national, regional and cross-regional schemes.

  2. Migrants Rights Protection Improved through Strengthening Capacity and Knowledge Management of Migrant Resources Centres in Nigeria

    26 October 2023

    Between September and October 2023, the Migrant Resource Centres (MRCs) managed by the Federal Ministry of Labour and Employment (FMLE) conducted Training of Trainers workshops for staff of the Centres in the areas of Pre-Departure Orientation Seminars (PDOS) and gender mainstreaming.

  3. ILO progresses in second phase of Aleppo employment-intensive community restoration project after earthquake

    23 October 2023

    The ILO continues restoring local community health and safety by providing job opportunities in clearing rubble and debris from the neighbourhoods most affected by the February 2023 earthquake.

  4. ILO strengthens work-related protection by enhancing social security rights for Jordanian and Syrian informal workers

    20 October 2023

    The ILO and Jordan’s Social Security Corporation (SSC) opened the registration for the second phase of Estidama++ aiming at extending social security coverage.