ILO project provides opportunities for individuals and fosters inclusive economic growth – ILO official

A visit to a work-based learning project in northern Lebanon highlights joint efforts by the ILO, the Government of Norway, the EU and national partners to enhance skills and improve employability of vulnerable groups.

Press release | 12 February 2024

BEIRUT (ILO News) - ILO Director of Partnerships and Development Cooperation Department Peter Van Rooji visited the ILO’s Work-Based Learning (WBL) project in Tripoli, North Lebanon, implemented by the Lebanese Safadi Foundation.

The project is supported by the ILO Global Programme for Skills and Lifelong Learning (SkillUp), funded by the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation, and by the ILO ENABLE programme, funded by the European Union.

The project seeks to enhance market-responsive skills training through WBL opportunities within enterprises to improve employability of vulnerable groups entering or re-entering the labour market.

During his visit to a project facility which provides training on installing and maintaining solar energy systems, Van Rooij engaged with both trainers and trainees involved in project implementation. Expressing his appreciation for the efforts achieved, Van Rooij highlighted the significance of such initiatives in providing opportunities for individuals and fostering inclusive economic growth.

The visit provided a valuable platform for exchanging ideas, sharing experiences, and exploring potential avenues for further cooperation and collaboration, while also fostering the creation of bridges between different stakeholders.

Van Rooij affirmed the ILO's commitment to sustaining its partnership with Lebanon, with a focus on enhancing skills development and employment prospects. He stressed the importance of linking individuals to employment opportunities.

The solar training aims to equip participants with the necessary skills to improve employment prospects. The training includes career counseling, theoretical and practical learning, and post-training support. Participants learn about solar energy systems, installation techniques, maintenance, and troubleshooting. Through this targeted initiative, the European Union, the ILO ENABLE, and Safadi Foundation aim to bridge skills gap, promote inclusive economic growth, and empower individuals in Tripoli.