Training marks a significant step forward in addressing child labour in Lebanon

Training on inter-agency child labour toolkit for the MENA region, with funding from the EU, Sweden and the UK, empowers stakeholders and promotes sustainable livelihoods.

Press release | 22 September 2023
ILO Beirut - The International Labour Organization (ILO) and Plan International successfully concluded a training workshop on the MENA-specific version of the Inter-Agency Child Labour Toolkit “Preventing and responding to child labour in humanitarian action,” devised by the Alliance for Child Protection in Humanitarian Action’s (ACPHA). The training was implemented by the ILO and PLAN International with support from the ILO’s European Union-funded ENABLE Programme, and from Sweden and the United Kingdom through Plan International.

The workshop is a critical initiative in addressing the challenges posed by child labour in Lebanon. It sought to equip front-liners and stakeholders with the necessary tools to combat the alarming increase in child labour resulting from the recent economic crisis in the country.

The training, facilitated by the co-leads of the ACPHA’s Child Labour Task Force from both the ILO and Plan International, brought together key child labour actors and front-liners from various organizations across Lebanon. Over the course of several days, participants engaged in interactive discussions and received comprehensive training on a toolkit developed by ACPHA’s Child Labour Task Force in line with Child Protection Minimum Standard (CPMS) 12 on child labour.

The training provided participants with essential knowledge and tools to effectively address child labour trends and intervene in child labour cases, ensuring a holistic approach to child protection. Participants benefitted from the incorporation of best practices and lessons learned from dissemination events in Iraq and Jordan, enhancing their ability to tackle the complex issue of child labour in Lebanon.

The success of the Inter-Agency Child Labour MENA Toolkit Training marks a significant step forward in addressing child labour in Lebanon. The collective efforts of the ILO and other stakeholders demonstrate a commitment to sustainable livelihoods and the protection of children's rights.

On 25 and 26 September, representatives of governmental entities, organizations and UN agencies will gather to discuss the toolkit and its dissemination, and gather insights to inform action to address child labour in Lebanon through practical recommendations.

Moving forward, the ILO and Plan International will continue their collaborative efforts to ensure the sustainable implementation of the toolkit's strategies and interventions. By leveraging the expertise and knowledge gained during the training, stakeholders will work together to create long-term solutions and protect the rights of children in Lebanon.