Jordan Launches Second Phase of 'WAEI' Campaign Promoting Labour Rights and Inclusivity in Jordan

The new phase emphasizes the labour rights of workers with disabilities, their employment conditions, child labour, and workers’ rights during probation periods.

Press release | 21 September 2023
Amman, Jordan (ILO News) - On Wednesday, September 20th, the second phase of the national campaign aimed at raising awareness of workers' rights in the private sector WAEI and the release of the booklet titled "The Rights of Working Women in Labour Law" was successfully launched. This significant event took place under the patronage of Her Excellency Eng. Maha Ali, Secretary-General of the Jordanian National Committee for Women, and Farouk Al-Hadidi, Secretary-General of the Ministry of Labour. The event was organized in collaboration with the International Labour Organization, the General Federation of Jordanian Trade Unions, and the Greater Amman Municipality.

The second phase of the WAEI campaign focuses on enhancing awareness of Labour Rights under the Labour Law. Specifically, this phase emphasizes the labour rights of workers with disabilities, their employment conditions, child labour, and workers’ rights during probation periods.

Maha Ali, underscored the campaign's significance in raising awareness about labour rights for women and people with disabilities. She also highlighted that the booklet that was developed as part of this campaign to include the rights of working women under the Labour Law, will play a pivotal role in educating women and girls about their labour rights, by this means promoting their increased participation in the labour market. Ali emphasized the importance of the partnership between the National Commission for Women, the Ministry of Labour and the General Union of Jordanian Workers in empowering women and girls and promoting their rights.

His Excellency Farouk Al-Hadidi, the Secretary-General of the Ministry of Labour, emphasized that creating a workplace free from violations and transgressions can only be achieved through continuous and genuine awareness among both workers and employers regarding the rights and responsibilities of all parties involved in the production process. He also highlighted that the second phase of the WAEI campaign is centered on the labour rights of workers with disabilities, their employment conditions, child protection in the labour market and raising awareness about the regulations outlined in the law concerning child labour.

Al-Hadidi clarified that the labour law contains legal provisions in line with International Labour Standards, explicitly addressing the employment of people with disabilities and their rights. The Ministry established a department for the employment of people with disabilities at the end of 2015. Additionally, the Regulations for the Employment of Persons with Disabilities, No. 35 of 2021, were issued in accordance with the provisions of the Labour Law. He further emphasized that the Labour Law provides clear guidelines, in accordance with international standards, to curb child labour. A specialized department within the Ministry's Central Inspection Directorate is responsible for monitoring child labor and reducing such cases, with ongoing coordination with the Ministries of Social Development and Education to ensure that children's rightful place is in the classrooms rather than the labour market.

Al-Hadidi also highlighted the significance of the booklet "Labour Rights of Working Women under the Labour Law" which comprehensively outlines the labour rights of women working in the private sector as specified in the Labour Law, as well as the accompanying regulations and instructions. He noted that the first phase of the campaign focused on raising awareness about labour rights for both male and female workers, such as leaves, minimum wages and the process for filing labor complaints with the Ministry of Labour.

Reem Aslan, the Gender Specialist at the International Labour Organization Regional Office for Arab States, commended Jordan's efforts to align national legislation with International Labour Standards. These efforts include recent amendments to the Labour Law, which incorporate provisions related to non-discrimination in employment and occupation, protection against workplace harassment, and protection for workers in specific night work.

Aslan stressed the ILO's commitment to participating in legal awareness campaigns organized in collaboration with national entities. Such participation serves to increase awareness of prevailing national laws and International Labour Standards, ultimately ensuring that workers are well-informed about decent working conditions free from any violation of their labour rights. She emphasized the importance of sharing experiences with countries like Norway and Sweden regarding the role of legal awareness in enforcing legislation and promoting gender equality. Aslan stressed that enhancing women's economic participation is of utmost importance and contributes positively to future legislative amendments.

Malik Al-Maaytah, the Director of Planning and Development at the General Union of Jordanian Workers, affirmed the union's collaboration with all relevant parties to enhance awareness of labour rights over the past decades. He underscored the importance of effective communication among all stakeholders and the critical need to disseminate awareness about labour rights guaranteed by current legislation. This dissemination helps foster a culture of labour awareness among workers in various economic sectors and increases employers' awareness of their responsibilities toward labor rights. Al-Maaytah also praised the role of the Ministry of Labour and all partners in launching this campaign.

The WAEI campaign will employ various tools to reach its target audience, including workers in the private sector and employers. The campaign will involve the dissemination of 12 awareness messages through SMS to over 1.35 million citizens via local communication networks. Additionally, it will utilize social media platforms to distribute up to 25 awareness messages. Furthermore, these messages will be displayed on billboards and advertising boards managed by the Greater Amman Municipality.

It's worth mentioning that the first phase of the WAEI campaign was successfully completed, running from November 20th to December 12th, 2022. This phase was the result of collaborative national efforts, involving coordination meetings and consultations among all campaign partners, with the aim of raising awareness among workers about their labour rights as stipulated in the Labour Law and the importance of employers adhering to these rights to ensure the labor rights of both female and male workers.