Extensive Palestinian national dialogue on revised social security draft law begins

Palestinian stakeholders begin two months of discussions on key proposed reforms to the social security law aimed at enhancing good governance, financial sustainability and equity of the system.

Press release | 15 May 2023
The Ministry of Labour in cooperation with the General Federation of Trade Unions (PGFTU) and the Federation of Palestinian Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture (FPCCIA) launched extensive national dialogue on the revised social security draft law in Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT).

The initiative brings together a diverse group of stakeholders from 10 OPT districts - or governorates – to present proposed reforms, gather feedback, and raise awareness among the public of the important role social security plays in managing social risks and economic crises.

The national dialogue represents a significant milestone in the commitment of government, employer and worker representatives to addressing social security issues and strengthening the welfare of Palestinian workers in the private sector.

The proposed reforms include the introduction of an unemployment insurance benefit as well as several other amendments aimed at enhancing good governance, financial sustainability and equity of the system.

The ILO provided legal and actuarial advice to the tripartite committee in the preparation of the draft law and is supporting the national dialogue phase.

The dialogue encompasses several stakeholders from various sectors and groups, including government bodies, trade unions, chambers of commerce and employers’ associations, civil society organizations, academics, journalists, private sector figures, and other interested parties. The national dialogue will involve a series of consultations conducted across 10 governorates of OPT ensuring that feedback on the draft law is representative of the unique needs of each region.

“The national dialogue serves as a platform for constructive discussion among stakeholders, enabling them to provide valuable feedback on the proposed reforms. We applaud the commitment of our tripartite partners for engaging stakeholders through a consultative process incorporating their needs and perspectives into the final review of the draft law. The ILO remains committed in providing its technical and actuarial expertise to the tripartite partners to ensure the law will be anchored in international social security standards and best practices,” said Frida Khan, Representative of the ILO in the OPT.

The national dialogue will run for a period of at least two months, and its outcome will inform the final version of the draft social security law.

For more information on the national dialogue and the proposed reforms to the social security law, including an online copy of the revised draft law, background notes and infographic please visit https://mas.ps/daman.