August 2021

  1. Beirut businesses continue to suffer a year on from the Beirut blast

    10 August 2021

    Although it has been a year since the Beirut port explosion, joint ILO-Fafo research finds, small enterprises continue to face an array of challenges arising from the blast, the economic and political crisis affecting Lebanon and the global pandemic, and threatening their operations.

  2. Decent work in Iraq: From conflict to recovery

    09 August 2021

    Iraq and the ILO are implementing the first Iraq Decent Work Country Programme, to promote employment opportunities and decent work principles. The programme focuses on supporting private sector development and job creation; extending and strengthening social protection and addressing child labour; and improving social dialogue to promote rights at work.

  3. A year on from the blast, the ILO sows seeds of hope in Beirut

    04 August 2021

    After the explosion that devastated Beirut last year, the ILO through its Employment Intensive Infrastructure Programme got to work to clear the rubble and create decent jobs. It worked with the authorities to restore livelihoods and create a safer city.

  4. ILO honours the victims of the Beirut port explosion

    04 August 2021

    The ILO joined other UN agencies to honour those who lost their lives and their loved ones in last year’s Beirut port blast, and paid tribute to the women and men who lost their properties, jobs and livelihoods. ILO Regional Director Ruba Jaradat took part in a memorial event at the location of the tragic explosion.

  5. ILO promotes entrepreneurship among Lebanese nationals and Syrian refugees in Lebanon

    03 August 2021

    The ILO has trained over 650 women and men on its My First Business entrepreneurship training programme, aimed at promoting livelihoods and decent job creation in the agriculture and agro-food sectors.

  6. Gender equality and labour law in the Arab States region

    03 August 2021

    Explore this interactive infographic to find out how gender equality is reflected in labour laws across countries and themes in the Arab States region

July 2021

  1. Post Covid-19: Towards Trade Union Revitalization

    23 July 2021

    The COVID-19 crisis has exposed and aggravated existing challenges and has put increasing pressure on trade unions. Trade union membership is declining, both in developed and in developing countries. The future of trade unions will depend on their responses to the pandemic.

  2. Preserve Iraq’s cultural heritage, create decent work

    18 July 2021

    In the first video story of our ILO in Action series, Chief Technical Adviser, Bashar Elsamarneh, explains how a joint ILO/EU/UNESCO project in Iraq’s historic Erbil City is preserving its cultural heritage, while teaching skills and promoting decent work for local people and Syrian refugees.

  3. Mobile station brings training closer to farm workers in Jordan

    15 July 2021

    An ILO-supported mobile station is bringing training sessions to farm workers at their place of work and helping them apply their taught skills on the job, in various occupations, such as grafting and pruning.

  4. Cooperatives promote decent work in Jordan

    15 July 2021

    A new initiative by the ILO is supporting cooperatives to expand their role and provide career guidance and job placement services to workers in Jordan's agricultural sector.

  5. Reducing Worst Forms of Child Labour in Syria

    09 July 2021

    Since 2018, the ILO has been working with national and international partners in Syria to reduce worst forms of child labour among vulnerable communities through the prevention, withdrawal, and rehabilitation of working children and children at risk of child labour. In this video, meet some of the children whose lives have improved as a result of the programme.

June 2021

  1. ILO employment-intensive interventions promote decent work in Iraq

    29 June 2021

    In Dohuk, Iraq, the ILO and local authorities have launched employment-intensive interventions in water irrigation and waste management. The schemes support decent employment for Syrian refugees, internally displaced persons and host community members. The majority of participants are women.

  2. ILO project tackles worst forms of child labour in Iraq

    21 June 2021

    The ILO in Iraq, together with its partners, is implementing a programme which tackles the worst forms of child labour amongst Syrian refugees, internally displaced persons and vulnerable host community members.

  3. Why is it important to celebrate International Domestic Workers' Day?

    16 June 2021

    On 16 June, as we celebrate International Domestic Workers’ Day, we asked workers, employers and other partners in Qatar why we need to promote decent work for domestic workers and why it’s important to celebrate International Domestic Workers’ Day.

  4. Domestic work is work!

    16 June 2021

    Lebanese NGO Kafa has produced this video with the support of the ILO in collaboration with the Ministry of Labour to coincide with International Domestic Workers’ Day, to highlight the need to recognize domestic work as a sector and how decent work principles should apply to domestic workers irrespective of their nationality.

  5. ILO Support to Workers’ Organizations during the COVID 19 Pandemic

    07 June 2021

    COVID-19 has been a global human catastrophe. Since March 2020, the ILO Bureau for Workers’ Activities (ACTRAV) has been at the forefront to ensure that workers’ organizations have the information and assistance they need to mitigate the socio-economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic..

May 2021

  1. Heat stress in Qatar: Study identifies effective mitigation strategies to keep workers safe

    27 May 2021

    Outdoor workers in Qatar are able to perform their roles safely, despite the summer heat and humidity, if effective precautionary measures are put in place, academic study reveals.

  2. Partnership for improving prospects for forcibly displaced persons and host communities

    26 May 2021

    Financially supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands, five Partners join efforts to develop a new paradigm in responding to forced displacement crises, particularly through the involvement of development actors. The Partnership hopes to transform the way governments and other stakeholders, including the social partners and the private sector, respond to forced displacement crises, by fostering an enabling environment for socio-economic inclusion; improving access to education and protection for vulnerable children on the move; and strengthening the resilience of host communities.

April 2021

  1. Wear the right protective clothing for your job

    29 April 2021

    Different types of work require different kinds of protective clothing. Wearing the correct protective clothing and gear to work can help prevent injuries and promote occupational safety and health.

  2. Combatting child labour with expanded access to education in agricultural areas

    29 April 2021

    A partnership in Jordan between an ILO project to combat the worst forms of child labour and the Noor Al Hussein Foundation works to ensure access to quality education for refugee and host-community children living in rural and remote areas.