Preserving Heritage, Empowering Communities: ILO and UNESCO Collaborate in Jordan

Join the ILO and UNESCO in northern Jordan as they create opportunities, preserve heritage sites, and empower communities through their collaboration with the EU's Madad project.

Date issued: 24 May 2023 |
Join us on an inspiring journey as the International Labour Organization (ILO) and UNESCO unite in a groundbreaking project in northern Jordan. Together, they're creating economic opportunities and sustainable livelihoods for Syrian refugees and Jordanians while preserving cultural heritage sites. Through Employment Intensive Approaches (EIA), they aim to boost employment and tourism, aligning with government initiatives for long-term economic prosperity and the revitalization of cultural sites. Get ready for an inside look at the project's key activities, from establishing committees to promoting sites, as they work hand in hand with EU's Madad project to protect and rehabilitate Jordan's significant archaeological sites. Discover how this collaboration is developing six cultural heritage sites, issuing work permits, and empowering 1,274 workers.